Heavy Metal Sample Kit

09-914 Heavy Metal Vinyl - Color Sample Kit

Series 31 Removable Vinyl Sample Kit

09-916 Series 31 Removable Vinyl - Color Sample Kit

03-301 Grab Bag of Scraps! (Limit 1 Per Order)

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Available Wednesday Afternoons Starting at 3:30 p.m. (MST) until Gone!

Scrap Grab Bags!

On Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 PM (MST), Expressions Vinyl will have grab bags on our site. They will only be available while supplies last. What comes in a Bag of Scrap? It's a surprise.

If a sheet or a roll is cut too short it will go into the scrap pile. When there is vinyl left at the end of a roll that isn't easily suitable for our process it will go to the scrap pile. Most of the grab bags will be made up of sheets approximately 6x12 and will have Indoor, Outdoor, Heat Transfer as well as Specialty vinyls. The value of each Bags of Scrap will vary. But every one will be more valuable than the listed price. And from time to time we will put together a few BONUS BAGS.

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