What Does The Silhouette Cameo Do?

Before we can describe what the Silhouette Cameo can do you must first understand what it is. The Cameo is a digitally driven cutting device. There are a few pieces of hardware as well as software that all connect to make one powerful tool.

Putting All The Cameo Pieces Together

The hardware

There are two major hardware pieces involved with the Silhouette Cameo. Of course one of those is the machine itself. The other is a computer. There is also a third optional piece of a printer, but we will discuss that a bit later.

You need a computer to connect to your machine because this is where the software will reside that allows you to do your design work. The Cameo cutter is then connected to your computer much like any printer. The difference is that instead of a print head theCameo has a blade that will cut through a variety of materials.

These machines work much like an old fashioned die cutter. However the major difference is that instead of purchasing costly dies each time you want a different shape or size you just manipulate your software and cut it out with no additional cost.

The Software

Silhouette from the beginning has produced the Silhouette Studio software that is absolutely free and always will be. Granted it does not have all the best features, but it is a good piece of software and especially for the price.

The basic features of any software will allow you to cut any font installed on your computer. Also you can get many free and low cost image files that allow you to cut shapes as well. Also one of the best features of Silhouette Studio is the trace function. This makes it easy to take simple .jpeg shape files and convert them into a cuttable file.

One other feature of the Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Studio is the ability to print and cut. This requires a printer to be connected to your computer as well.

How it works is you import an image into the software. You can then manipulate it as necessary and determine where you want the cutting to take place around it. You will then send this you your printer to print out. There will also be registration marks printed on the media as well. This is how the Cameo knows exactly where to cut.

The Cameo cutter has an optical feature that allows it to see these registration marks. When the media is loaded you can tell it to find the marks and then cut out the image. This will give you a perfectly cut outline every time.

What can I cut with the Cameo?

The Cameo machine will cut a wide variety of materials including...

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