EV Inner Circle Information

There are four tiers in the EV Inner Circle; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Your level will be based on the amount you spend in a year.

Silver Level

At the silver level, you get one vinyl point for every dollar spent.

We've already given you 450 bonus points just for joining!

Gold Level

Once you’ve spent $55 dollars at Expressions Vinyl you will move to the second level or the gold tier. In this tier, you will earn double points for every dollar spent.

Platinum Level

After spending $150 with Expressions Vinyl you will earn 4 vinyl points for every dollar spent. You will also receive a 300-point bonus when you reach this level.

Diamond Level

You’ll get to join this elite club once you've spent $325 at Expressions Vinyl. At this level, you will receive eight vinyl points for every dollar spent and receive a 1000-point bonus or the equivalent of a $10 gift card to spend on the Expressions Vinyl website.

To Redeem Points

Select “See rewards you can earn” and if you are eligible the turquoise “Redeem” button will be highlighted. Select “Redeem” and toggle the bar and choose how much money you want to put toward your next order.

Once that’s where you want it, click the “Redeem” button and that amount will be added to your account for in-store credit.