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What is Vinyl Club?

Vinyl Club is a premier membership that gives you wonderful benefits!

Discounts on everything! Vinyl Club members enjoy club level pricing which means everything is on sale every single day!

Some prices are so low the manufacturers won't let us advertise them, but here are a couple of examples.

Permanent vinyl - 12"x12" just 42 cents!
Permanent vinyl - 12"x5 ft. rolls just $2.47
Permanent Patterned Vinyl - 12"x12" just $1.97
Patterned HTV Vinyl - 12"x12" just $5.27

And the deals go on... but only for members!

Free shipping on orders over $35 which means it is always easy to stock up on just what you need and not have to pay for shipping.

Vinyl Club members also receive free products in every order over $25 and additional products on larger orders.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Try it out and if you don't like it just cancel before your first $8 monthly bill is due.

Plus, we have many more exciting benefits planned to add in the coming months that you are sure to want in on!

For just $1 you can try Vinyl Club for 15 days!