The short answer is yes, we should be charging you sales tax.  

The long answer is that in June of 2018 the Supreme Court issued an opinion that opened the door for states to create what they call economic nexus laws. This means that any business shipping into a state could be "doing business" in that state quite easily. The thresholds to cross nexus by economic standards are very light in many states.  

As such Expressions Vinyl has determined that we have crossed economic nexus in many states with more likely to come.  

We are a law abiding business and have begun registering with these states and now collect and remit sales tax according to the law.

We know this is a real bummer. We don't love it either, but we also don't love fighting lawsuits and dealing with audits, so this is where we are...

If you have a tax exempt status in your state we can likely accommodate making your account non-taxable when you order.

Please contact us with this information.