EasyPSV™ Starling

EasyPSV™ Starling

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  • EasyPSV Starling - Color Sample Kit

    EasyPSV Starling - Color Sample Kit

    Expressions Vinyl

    Sample Kits! We do our best to represent our colors on our site as accurately as possible. But the best way to see exactly what our colors look like is with an actual sample. The Sample Kits are made up of 2"x3" samples of vinyl in various categories and...
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EasyPSV Starling Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Decorate and personalize almost any surface with the improved EasyPSV Starling permanent adhesive vinyl! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced crafter or just a beginner, this adhesive vinyl is consumer-friendly and easy to use for all of your custom vinyl needs. You do not need to worry about thick designs or designs with intricate details, because this vinyl has the durability and capability to handle even the smallest designs that you can weed simply for a flawless transfer to your surfaces. Expressions Vinyl is proud to offer this versatile vinyl with select colors in either a matte or gloss finish, so you can personalize your designs even further. Available in either 12” by 12” sheets or a 12” by 3-foot roll, EasyPSC Starling permanent adhesive vinyl offered at Expressions Vinyl comes in over 50 colors for you to choose from! The sky's the limit so let your imagination and creativity run wild with this high-quality vinyl.


How To Use EasyPSV Starling Vinyl
Unlike heat-transfer vinyl (HTV), this permanent adhesive vinyl is applied to many different kinds of hard surfaces, allowing you to add personalized designs, stickers, and decals to everyday objects and surfaces. While it is not recommended that you apply this vinyl to temporary surfaces or drywall, many hard surfaces are compatible with this vinyl. 


Applies to These Materials
When using a new vinyl for the first time, it is important to know what materials it is supposed to adhere to so that you can ensure you have chosen the right vinyl for your project and your application process can go smoothly. Making sure that you have the right vinyl is the first step you need to take in starting your crafting process. This permanent adhesive vinyl is designed to adhere to surfaces such as:



Aside from fabric, these materials can encompass many different surfaces that you may want to customize with your adhesive vinyl designs. Some ideas of places or objects that would make ideal locations for this permanent vinyl can include:


Car windows
Water bottles
Picture frames
Outdoor signs
Balloons or decorations
and drinkware!

Long-Term Durability
Yes! One of the best parts of this particular vinyl is its ability to adhere to dishes and glassware and being ability to withstand up to 80 dishwasher cycles! Typically you can expect this vinyl’s outside durability to be around 3 to 5 years. With this kind of durability, it is also UV, temperature, salt water, and humidity resistant as well. It is not recommended for microwave use. If you are looking for vinyl compatible with fabric materials, be sure to check out our heat-transfer vinyl collection for any of your fabric design needs!


Application Process
To ensure its durability, it is important to use the proper application process for each different type of vinyl. Follow these few simple steps to complete a proper application for this EasyPSV Starling permanent adhesive vinyl.

Place this vinyl with the liner side down
Do not reverse or mirror your design
Cut out your design using a vinyl cutter (Cricut, Siser, Silhouette, etc.)
Weed out the excess vinyl around your design
Place separate application tape onto your vinyl design
Secure together by brushing with a squeegee 
Pull the tape with your EasyPSV design away from the paper liner (revealing your vinyl design on the application tape)
Place your tape with the design onto the desired surface or object in the spot that you want it
Brush once again with a squeegee to fully adhere the design to the object or surface
Peel away the application tape to reveal your vinyl design onto your product!

Care Recommendations
There are a few care recommendations to keep in mind as you begin your design and personalizing process with this permanent adhesive vinyl. After adhering your design to a surface, it is recommended to not have it near an open flame or a heat source, as it can compromise the integrity of the vinyl. If you have placed your design on drinkware, be sure to wait 72 hours before you wash it in the dishwasher for the first time. These recommendations will help to maximize the durability and longevity of your creative designs. 


The Improved Quality and Workability
Expression Vinyl is so excited to offer EasyPSV Starling permanent adhesive vinyl as part of our expansive collection of versatile vinyl. This vinyl in particular is an improved quality of adhesive vinyl so you can be even more confident in your designs and products you will be using this vinyl on. The workability of this vinyl has improved as well - offering an even easier product to cut out and weed so that your design turns out the way you intended every time. Even with the smallest intricacies, letters, or designs, EasyPSV allows your design to remain intact from transferring until it is applied to the surface or product. This vinyl product is now easier to use than ever before, with the quality allowing for the easiest cutting, weeding, and application process! 


About Expressions Vinyl 
Starting in 2009 with only a few limited colors, Expressions Vinyl started as a small vinyl shop that has grown into a thriving business offering hundreds of colors, designs, and textures of vinyl for any of your crafting or business needs. We are passionate about offering the highest quality of products with our world-class customer service. We strive to fulfill orders as fast as we can so that you can get started working on your projects right away. The improved EasyPSV Starling vinyl, allows you to get to decorating and designing faster than ever! 

Offering products that help to inspire your creativity and being able to watch your imagination come to life is what we love. We want to aid you through your crafting journey with materials you can trust and trusted professionals you can count on. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or need crafting ideas - we are always here to help!