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  • Twinkle Heat Transfer Vinyl - Color Sample Kit

    Twinkle Heat Transfer Vinyl - Color Sample Kit

    Expressions Vinyl

    Sample Kits! We do our best to represent our colors on our site as accurately as possible. But the best way to see exactly what our colors look like is with an actual sample. The Sample Kits are made up of 2"x3" samples of vinyl in various categories and...
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Shiny and sparkly material on products can have that rough and gritty exterior that creates the glimmer effect on your items. If you are looking to create the same shiny appearance on your products without that gritty texture, then twinkle vinyl is for you! With its smooth surface, twinkle vinyl offers you all the sparkle and shimmer with the elegance of a softer touch and feel. When creating your vinyl designs to go on various clothing items, this vinyl has a way of standing out due to its unique texture without compromising on the shiny look that you desire. Twinkle heat transfer vinyl by Expressions Vinyl will take your designs to the next level by adding smooth and a twinkly shine to your products and help them to really stand out and draw some eye-catching attention.


Color Options

Expressions Vinyl offers high quality heat-transfer twinkle vinyl in ten fantastic different colors that is sure to perfect for any of your custom creations. 

Royal Blue

Very similar to sparkle vinyl, twinkle vinyl is slightly reflective which causes it to be very bright and vibrant on different materials. These popping colors maximize the twinkle of the vinyl and can give you all the bright quality of a glitter vinyl, without shedding any of the sparkles that can cause it to lose its brightness. Diversify and uniquely personalize your cloth garments with any one of these ten amazing colors for twinkle vinyl. 


Application Process
Depending on the type of vinyl, each style and texture of vinyl will have different cutting preferences and application processes to ensure a smooth and long-lasting transfer. It is important to note the different application process so you can be sure you adhere to the specific vinyl the correct way so that you end up with the desired outcome across your items. This particular heat transferred vinyl can be applied to materials that are either 100% cotton, 100% polyester or cotton and polyester blends. Make sure to check the tags of your items to see if it will be compatible with your twinkle vinyl. 


Cut Through the Twinkle
While the twinkle vinyl will not be as thick as glitter or sparkle due to the smooth texture, you will still need a 45-degree blade on your circuit to cut through it. You will need to reverse cut it so that your image turns out the right side up when it is transferred onto your product.


Weed Your Design
After your design has been efficiently cut out into your vinyl sheet, you will need to remove the excess vinyl that is not a part of your design to reveal your whole design. Be sure to get any vinyl sections you do not want as a part of your design off of the sheet, so it turns out the way you intended it to. 


Heat Press Application
Set your heat press to 305 degrees Fahrenheit for this particular vinyl and preheat your item for only 2-3 seconds. This will help your vinyl adhere better to your item. Place your design on the garment and position it the way you would like it on the material. Using medium pressure, use your heat press and heat your item for 15 seconds.


Peel Off and Reveal
Be sure to peel off the outer plastic sheet that was holding your design in place while everything is still warm. This ensures a smooth peel while your design stays where you want it to be. Then your vinyl design will have been transferred to your clothing item and it will be finished! Unlike other types of vinyl, it is not recommended to layer twinkle vinyl. 


Washing Procedures
Especially when dealing with articles of clothing and outerwear, many people are curious to know if or how their garment can be washed. It is important that after you have applied a vinyl design, that you understand the appropriate washing procedures to ensure the longevity of your product. Taking care of your vinyl item the proper way will help to keep the integrity of the clothing item as well as the quality of your design. It is always recommended that you do not wash your garment until after 24 hours of the heat transfer application process. A huge benefit to heat transfer vinyl is its ability to withstand going through a washing machine. You can wash your vinyl product, but it is recommended that you wash it inside out while using mild detergent. While you can use a washing machine, it is not recommended to put in the dryer, so be sure to air dry to keep it in the best shape possible. 


Embedded Glitter Flakes
The show stopping feature of the twinkle vinyl is its ability to glimmer without having the gritty texture of the sparkles. This is due to the silicon-type surface that holds in all the embedded glitter flakes to give it that shine. Under that top layer of film lies hundreds of metal flakes that hold a slightly reflective quality and the maximum amount of sparkle. One of the biggest benefits to this particular vinyl is you will never have to clean up any glitter flakes, because they are embedded underneath the surface. This always allows you to have the soft texture with the all the look of that amazing glitter shine. This vinyl cannot be beat with that sparkle that shines through a wonderfully smooth and glossy surface that will make the perfect addition to any of your creations. 


Twinkle Vinyl at Expressions Vinyl
Expressions Vinyl is your one-stop shop for all your vinyl creation needs. We offer the best quality vinyl with world class customer service and are here to answer any questions you might have. Whether it's about application, materials, or designs we are passionate about bringing your creations to life with quality materials that will last you for years to come. Our vinyl enthusiasts have years of experience and knowledge to help you navigate through finding the best sheets of vinyl for your custom projects. Contact us so we can help you on your crafting journey!