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Finding ways to stand out and light up with your vinyl creations both the day and in the night is not always an easy task. But with easy glow heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, it makes it easier than ever before to have your custom projects radiate during any time of the day. With its bright neon colors that shine through the day, to the glow-in-dark hues that permeate the dark, easy glow HTV is the perfect addition to your shirts, costumes, outfits, bags, hats, or even shoes! Expressions Vinyl is an exceptional vinyl company that offers five stunning shades of easy glow HTV to complete the neon and glow-in-dark look you have been searching for. Available in radiant neon blue, neon orange, neon green, neon pink, and neon yellow. Whatever your custom vinyl might entail, be sure to add in the wow factor of using the versatile easy glow HTV today!


More Than Just Glow-in-Dark
Have you thought about having your projects come to life by being able to glow-in–the-dark, but not wanting to stick with the same old green hue? Then the options available to do with easy glow HTV may be what you need. This particular vinyl goes far beyond the typical glow-in-the-dark look you may be used to seeing. This bright heat transfer vinyl allows you to be vivid throughout the day while also being able to glow with the five other color options available. When this vinyl is in the dark, it will not just show off that eerie green look, but this vinyl will light up in its respective neon color. This vinyl will need to be charged by a light source, whether that is the sun or an indoor light, to be able to work its magic in the dark. Once on your product, and sufficiently charged by light, your custom creation will be able to take on the night with a way more brilliant effect than just a glow-in-the-dark light green color. 


Recommendations for Application 
Each style and particular type of vinyl comes with its own unique application process and suggestions. When working with Expressions Vinyl easy glow HTV, there are certain application settings and recommendations that should be followed in order to ensure a successful transfer process, and to increase the longevity of the vinyl on your product. 


Material: 100% polyester, 100% cotton, or a cotton/poly blend
Cutting: Using a cricut cutter, an Exacto knife, or scissors, cut this vinyl and use a thickness of 15 microns with a vinyl cutter
Heating: Apply design onto material with heat press or iron at 305 degrees Fahrenheit
Duration: Press and hold heat onto design for 15 seconds
Peeling: Peel the plastic part of your design while the garment is still warm, or remove it after it has cooled down

While some vinyl allows you to apply them on top of one another to create a layering effect or have different colors on top of each other, easy glow HTV is not recommended for that process. Easy glow vinyl has a better chance of a more stable adhesion and maximum glowing brightness when not layered with other vinyl. 


Instructions for Washing
A popular inquiry that is presented when dealing with custom vinyl projects on material, especially common clothing items like clothes and sweaters, is whether or not it can be washed. Different vinyl will have different washing instructions and these recommendations will help to keep the integrity of the vinyl creation intact when trying to clean the garment. Easy glow vinyl is typically more durable than other standard vinyl but be sure to follow these instructions for washing to make sure your finished product will last a long time.  


Machine wash in cold water
Can wash normal or turn inside out
Use mild soap
Do not use fabric softener or bleach
Do not dry clean
Dry on a low setting
Crafting Inspiration

There is no end to the possibilities that easy glow HTV has to offer. Expressions Vinyl has all the colors and materials you will need to bring your creations to life in the light or in the dark. Now that you have found a place to find a never ending collection of vinyl, you may be wondering what’s next. There are a plethora of project ideas that you can use to spike your imagination and creativity to create something that is truly one of a kind. Easy glow HTV does not work on all surfaces, but anything that is cotton or polyester, you are good to go! Other surfaces may work, but you are taking your chances, but maybe the results will be great. There are many fun and unique custom projects that you can make using easy glow HTV.


One of the most common items that individuals use to put their custom heat transfer vinyl designs on is that of different types of apparel. If it is cotton or polyester and you can wear it, you can put the easy glow HTV onto it. Shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, sweatpants, hats, socks, and shoes can all be elevated to a totally different standard when they stand out in the bright neon glow-in-dark shades that easy glow vinyl has to offer. 


If it is cotton or polyester and it can hold your stuff, it can be customized with easy glow HTV! Bags, totes, backpacks, makeup bags, drawstring bags, beach bags, lunch boxes, duffle bags, the possibilities are endless for the bags you can place your unique and distinctive mark on. 


There are a number of non-wearable items that can be greatly enhanced through the use of this heat transfer vinyl. Pencil cases, pillowcases, fabric signs or banners, oven mitts, sleeping masks, and towels are some of the few examples of everyday items that can be taken to the next level with bright colors, fun designs, and glow-in-the-dark tones. 


The Experts at Expressions Vinyl
Expressions Vinyl is your one stop shop for finding any kind of vinyl you can think of. If you are looking to make your custom vinyl designs stand out not only in the day, but at night as well, then easy glow HTV is the vinyl for you. Contact the experts at Expressions Vinyl for any questions you have and to find the right style, color, and texture vinyl that you need for your personalized projects. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your vinyl crafting journey!