Custom Fill Patterns With Silhouette Studio

Custom Fill Patterns With Silhouette Studion Designer Edition

Custom fill patterns are easy to acheive in the Silhouette Studion Designer Edition software. There are a variety of stock fill patterens available within the software as well, but you may want to add a fill that is very personal to you.

This is easy to acheive in just a few simple steps. First add a shape to your art board in Silhouette Studio. This can be any shape or text. Then open a folder containing the image you want to use for your custom fill. This needs to be a regular image file like .jpg or .png. If the file type is not supported the software will let you know.

Then just drag the image over the area you want to fill. This will only fill one cavity at a time, so if you are filling text it will only fill a letter and not the whole word. You also have ability to adjust the look of your fill pattern from the fill pattern advanced options menu.

There is a possibility that for the correct look you are trying to acheive you may have to adjust your image with a separate image editing software before using it as your fill pattern.

There you have it. The simple trick you never knew for Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

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