Cricut Vinyl Project - Halloween Blocks

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Halloween is a great time to do some decorating and it is a great time to spend with your children.  This Cricut vinyl project is easy and fun to do.  Your children or grandchildren will have a fun time helping out.  For this vinyl project we will start with some 2x4 blocks.  A 2x4 is 1 ½  inches thick, so it will stand up easy.  They are 3 ½ inches tall so you can make your letters up to three inches will work well.  The length of your blocks will mostly be determined by what phrase you want to use.  In this project we are doing “trick or treat”.  The blocks we are using were just some scraps from a construction project.  If you have a block that is a little long you can add a font graphic to your lettering.  These are available to download on the internet and they are fonts so you can cut them on your Cricut with a program like Sure Cuts A Lot.

Start by painting your blocks.  We chose to use green and purple paint rather than the traditional orange and black.  We also watered the paint down a little to give it a semi transparent washed look. If you want to go for an even more rustic look you can scuff the edges of your blacks after painting with some sandpaper.  One very important thing here is to let your paint dry.  If the paint is not totally dry you will have a very hard time getting your vinyl to stick and you may even pull some of the paint off with the transfer tape.

Now that your blocks are ready to go you can begin to apply the vinyl. On this project we have chosen black Cricut vinyl. Black is great because it goes with almost anything and it works well with our paint colors.  One of our blocks is a little long, so we are using a spider web to accent the word and make the whole project a little cuter.  As mentioned earlier this is actually a font.  These types of little decorations can be downloaded many places.  They do cost a little bit, but once you buy them you can use them again and again.

Once you cut your lettering to go with your blocks you will need to remove or weed out the pieces of vinyl you don’t want and then apply some transfer tape to the vinyl letters and backing.  Once this is done you can remove the backing and apply the lettering to the appropriate block.  You will want to rub it down well to make sure your vinyl is stuck down.  Then you can remove the transfer tape and your blocks are done.

Some people like to just leave the blocks loose at this point and stack them wherever and however they feel like.  You can also use a few drops of hot glue and glue them together how you like them.  The Halloween blocks are a quick and fun Cricut vinyl project that just about anyone can do, so have some fun with Cricut vinyl today.