Cricut Vinyl Magnet Tiles

Materials needed:

  • Black Cricut vinyl
  • 2"x2" tiles
  • Magnets
  • Hot Glue

To make this project we used 2"x2" tiles available from Home Depot, Lowes or other tile supply store. Round magnets from Wal Mart, and black Cricut vinyl.

The images we used on our tiles is actually a font we purchased from If you have the sure cuts alot program for your Cricut you can get this font and use it. Of course you can also adapt this project to whatever Cricut cartridges you may already have.

The tiles will come on a sheet and will vary in size, so make sure and measure your tiles and cut your Cricut vinyl accordingly. After cutting and weeding use some transfer tape to move your vinyl pieces from the backing to your tiles.

With the vinyl in place we then take a flat round button magnet and hot glue it to the back of the tile. Then repeat the steps for as many magnets as you would like to make.

In just few minutes you can have a cute set of magnets for your refridgerator or to give as a gift.