Patterned Vinyl

Patterned vinyl is finally here at ExpressionsVinyl. You can see the patterns and colors we will stock below. All of these will be available in two series of vinyl, removable and permanent.

Either series can be used indoor or outdoor, however the removable will be more friendly to walls and the permanent will hold up better in wet or extreme environments.

These are printed materials and the printing can fade or be damaged quickly, so we will also be offering laminates to help protect your patterned vinyls.

Zebra Print Vinyl

Black and White

Pink and White

Turquoise and White


Damask Print Vinyl

Black and White


Houndstooth Vinyl

Black and White


Polka Dot Vinyl

Black and White

Brown and White

Dark Blue and White

Lime Tree Green and White

Light Yellow and White

Orange and White

Pink and White

Purple and White

Red and White

Turquoise and White

Printed Vinyl Laminates

Not all printed pattern vinyl applications will require a laminate. The purpose of these products is to protect the printing form scratching and fading. So generally an indoor application will not require a laminate. On the flip side you will almost always want a laminate for an outdoor application, unless it is very short term.

We carry two different grades of laminates. There is not a huge amount of difference between the two. The Economy grade will give UV protection for 3+ years and the Premium grade will give UV protection for 4+ years. They have very similar characteristics except the Economy grade has a matte finish and the Premium grade a gloss finish.

Get all the Laminate specs here.

Watch our video about laminates towards the top of this page.