Printable Vinyl for Cricut and Silhouette

Printable Vinyl For Cricut and Silhouette

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Printable Vinyl Overview and Project

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I am sure many of you have heard of the new Cricut Imagine, the latest machine from Provo Craft that not only cuts but also prints. This is a fantastic new machine except for the price. Well we have come up with a solution, printable vinyl that anyone can use. Now of course anyone could actually use the printable vinyl that Provo Craft packages. However we have found that it is just an OK product and you would have to trim it down to fit in your printer.

So enter the Expressions Vinyl solution. We researched many types of inkjet printable vinyl and found the best overall product. The biggest disadvantage of the Cricut brand printable vinyl sheets is that it is not color fast, so if it gets wet the colors will be ruined. Well we found an inkjet vinyl that is color fast. Believe me I thought this sounded too good to be true, but we tried it out and you can literally run it under water and the colors don’t budge.

Now as I mentioned before the Cricut brand of inkjet vinyl only comes in one size, 12x12, for the Imagine. This is a great size if you own this machine that will print and cut all in one. However we know that many of you are not going to buy this machine any time soon since it is so costly. So we will have printable vinyl sheets available to you in two sizes, 12x12 for imagine owners as well as 8-1/2x11. This way everyone can enjoy printing on vinyl.

You may ask, how am I going to use this without the imagine? Well simple, everyone has an inkjet printer, that’s why we have the 8-1/2x11 size vinyl sheet. The simplest thing you can do is run the vinyl through your printer and now you have a stylish patterned vinyl that can be used as a background or cut into any shape you desire. You can always print an image and trim around it with a razor blade. Silhouette users have the benefit of the silhouette software that allows them to print something and then line it up with the machine to cut around it. We are not aware of this ability with the old Cricut machines at this time.

While this product is probably best suited for indoor applications it can still be used outdoors. We are a little unsure of the outdoor durability at this time, but are confident that it would hold up for at least a year with the biggest issue being color fade.