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No matter who you are, there are things that you enjoy doing in your free time. For many, these hobbies are a way for them to relax, and decompress, and a way for them to show their creativity. For some, they enjoy using vinyl in order to make projects and bring creations to life. You can use vinyl with many different objects to make them unique and specific to whatever you have in mind. To take your projects another step further into being unique, use glitter vinyl. Glitter vinyl allows you to make any project into a sparkly creation with a wide range of colors and the effects that it has when the light hits it. At Expressions Vinyl, we want you to be able to bring whatever vision you have in your mind to life. Even to the smallest details such as glitter vinyl to complete the look. We keep a wide range of glitter vinyl, so you are able to find whatever you need for your next project! 


How to Use Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 

Design Your Project
Before you begin, you'll need to design your project using design software compatible with your cutting machine. You can create custom designs or use pre-made templates. Be sure that whatever you create will look good in the final size that you need and that it will be able to fit on your specific project area. 


Cut the Glitter Vinyl
Load the glitter heat transfer vinyl onto your cutting machine's cutting mat if required. Be sure to adjust your machine's settings to match the type of vinyl you're using so that the cutting is precise and comes out well. Use your cutting machine to cut your design out of the glitter vinyl. The machine will precisely cut the vinyl based on your design.


Weed the Vinyl
After cutting, you'll need to weed the vinyl, removing the excess vinyl around your design. Use a weeding tool if you have one to carefully peel away the unwanted parts, leaving only your design on the backing. You want to make sure that you get off all of the unwanted parts, no matter how small, so that your design transfers just as you want it to. 


Apply Transfer Tape
Cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than your design. Carefully apply it over your glitter vinyl design. Press down to ensure it adheres to the vinyl. This will act as a barrier between the vinyl and the hot press to ensure that the vinyl does not melt and stick to the press when transferring the design. 


Transfer the Design
Gently lift the transfer tape with your design attached to it. Place it onto your project surface, aligning it as desired. Press down to adhere the vinyl to the surface. Double check that the design is in the exact location that you want it to be because once you use the press, there is no moving the design around. 


Smooth and Remove the Transfer Tape

Use a scraper tool or your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles and ensure the vinyl is securely attached to the project surface. Then, slowly peel away the transfer tape, leaving your glitter vinyl design on the surface. 


Transfer the Vinyl
At this point, you are ready to use your heat press or iron in order to transfer the vinyl to your material. When using a press, you want to be sure that you are using the correct heat and enough force for the vinyl to transfer correctly. You do not want to hold the heat on the vinyl too long either though because it could melt the design too much. 


Allow the Vinyl to Set
Depending on the type of project and vinyl, let it set or cure for a specific amount of time. Read the manufacturer's instructions for guidance. 

Remember to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and care instructions for your specific type of glitter vinyl to ensure the longevity and durability of your project. Enjoy adding a touch of glitter and glamor to your creative endeavors!


Material Options for Glitter Vinyl 
When it comes to glitter vinyl, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to putting it onto a project. No matter what type of material you typically like to use, you will be able to find good use of vinyl glitter for your projects. Here are some of the materials that you can use glitter vinyl with, but this is not a fully comprehensive list, the options are endless. 


Mugs or Water Bottles
Wall art
Hats or Beanies
Phone case

Whatever you have in mind, it can be made better with glitter vinyl. At Expressions Vinyl, we understand the importance of being able to express your creativity how you want to!


Choose Expressions Vinyl
Whoever you are, everyday life can be stressful and overwhelming. It is important no matter who you are that you find ways to relieve your stress and find things that you truly enjoy. Depending on who you are, the things that can do this for you are different. For those who find expressing their creativity as a hobby and a way to relax at the end of the day, it's important that they have the resources that they need. That is why at Expressions Vinyl we have a wide variety of inventory to choose from so that you can find whatever you are looking for. Including glitter vinyl that we have in an assortment of colors so you can find whatever you are needing for your next project. Call us with any questions that you may have about our glitter vinyl or what we have to offer. We are happy to help and answer any questions that you may have in order to get you to the next step of creating your next project!