Using Adhesive Vinyl

Vinyl Application

Applying vinyl to your projects is quick and simple when using transfer tape. See in this video how to make the application to your finished surface.

Understanding Transfer Tape

Transfer tape is really a nescessary product to use with your vinyl. Once your understand the basics of cutting and weeding your vinyl you will see that transfer tape really is a must to complete your projects.

Multi Layer Vinyl Project

This video shows one of the slightly more advanced vinyl projects. You can see how to use multiple colors of vinyl to create one finished project. It's really not quite as complicated as it may sound.

Weeding Vinyl

Once the vinyl is cut you will need to "weed out" the unwanted vinyl. This is a crucial step to your projects. Some designs may be intricate and make this process somewhat tedious, but it is very important.

Using Transfer Tape

Transfer tape will make your projects easier. Many people want to try and get away without using it, but it will definately make life easier.