Adhesive Vinyl Basics

Adhesive Vinyl Basics

Hi, I'm JoAnn with and today we wanted to cover just the basics of adhesive vinyl.

We have several different types available. Oracal 651 and Series 51 are permanent adhesive and have a glossy finish on them. Oracal 631 and Series 31 are removable with a matte finish.

One quick and easy way to tell what you've got, whether it’s adhesive or heat-transfer, peel the corner back. If the adhesive is on the color side, that's what side sticks, then you've got the adhesive vinyl.

Adhesive vinyl comes in three different layers. You've got your vinyl layer on top, then your adhesive layer in the middle, and your backing sheet. 

Each machine you use whether it is a Cricut, Silhouette, Brother or other machine may have different cut settings that it uses.  We also have a cut settings guide that will help you get started on what you need to set it to.  Here is a link to that - Cut Settings Guide.  

Check the blog for other fun and unique ideas you can do with adhesive vinyl.

May 16th 2017 Expressions Vinyl - JoAnn

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