Creative Ways To Store Your Craft Vinyl

Creative Ways To Store Your Craft Vinyl

So you’ve just completed a magnificent DIY craft vinyl project. Now comes that final step we all love so much… the clean up. Where are you going to store all of those supplies to keep them safe and clean until your next big idea? Lucky for you, we are pros at finding affordable, creative ways to store craft vinyl in style!

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First we have just basic shoe organizer and it just can go over your door.

They make different sizes and colors and they hang right off of your door. This one has a hook. But I really like this for adhesive vinyl because you can roll up your sheets loosely, you don't have to roll them too tight so they don't get wrinkled. So I do really like this and it doesn't take up that much space.

And we can't talk about vinyl storage without talking about these plastic bag holders from Ikea.


They are super cheap. I think they're under $2 a piece. And once you put them together you can hang them on your wall. I recommend screwing them to your wall because it does get a little bit heavy with the vinyl.

But you can fit so much vinyl in these and it looks pretty hanging on the wall! One thing you do want to be careful of is you don't want to put three too close together or you can't pull your vinyl out. If you've got another one nestled on both sides you wouldn't be able to get the vinyl out.

So just make sure you space them apart but it is a really fun way to display your vinyl and it holds a ton.

Okay, another thing we have here is for scraps.

These are just little bins that can lay flat. These are also from Ikea and the outside material is made of polyester so you can heat transfer vinyl on them but the inside I think is plastic because when I did one it shrunk up.

So just be careful if you do put heat transfer vinyl on them. But they're fun because you can just throw your scraps inside and you've got a nice cute organization sitting on your desk. And they have all different sizes too.

Our next thing is this big portfolio. This is an art portfolio.

I got this one off of Amazon but you can get them at Michaels or anywhere that sales art supplies. And I love this because you can fit in full 12 by 24 sheets in it and it's got the clear pages so you can see what you have. Christine from Where the Smiles Have Been has an awesome tutorial on this and how she organized hers, so check that out.

No we'll go over to this other shoe organizer. It's also from Ikea and I like how slim it is.

And it's got nice drawers that you can fit quite a bit in. So this would be really good for rolls, your cutting mats, bigger things. I would definitely make sure you screw this to the wall. It's not very stable by itself. So that would definitely have to be screwed in so it doesn't tip over.

Another good thing for scraps are these little plastic boxes and they have drawers.

So nice to keep your scraps nice and organized. You can also get the little drawers for tools, a drawer for sample kits. You can organize it however works for you.

Another awesome thing is this Alex cabinet from Ikea and it is on wheels.

A lot of people I saw on Facebook put their heat press on top of it and then they can swing it out to use it. It's got nice big drawers. They're not quite 24 inches wide but you can still fit your 12 by 24-inch sheets in it. You can also fit your rolls in here. So I really like this. There was a lady on Facebook that had like six of these and she stacked them-- she just didn't put the wheels on one of them and stacked that on top and it made for really cool storage.

Another cool thing I got from a home decor store.

I think it's supposed to be for keys but who has that many keys, that's crazy. Anyway, this is super cool for sample kits. It's a fun way to display them and then you can easily just grab which one you need.

So let's go over here to this paper rack.

If you used to be a scrapbooker and maybe you do digital scrapbooking now but you still have all your storage from your 12 by 12 papers, you can use those for your 12 by 12 vinyls. There's lots of different storage for paper, but you can throw your vinyl in there. I love this way to display vinyl and it holds a ton and I like that it lays flat.

This metal magnetic frame usually hangs in my office.

 I got these little hooks from Amazon and you can hang your sample kits on there. Such a cute way to display them as well.

We asked on Facebook how you guys store your vinyl and there was some many good ideas. There was wine racks, there was PVC pipe. Some people use just the tubes that we ship the vinyl in.

So you can take this and cut it in half and then stack them up and roll your vinyl inside of that and it keeps it nice and organized.

So I hope some of these give you good ideas. You don't have to use these exact things but maybe it'll trigger next time you go shopping and imagine your space. You can pick out what would fit in there to store your vinyl.  Have a great day! 

Mar 28th 2017 Expressions Vinyl - Jessica

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