Cutting HTV Without a Machine

Cutting HTV Without a Machine


Hi everyone! It’s Amy with I’m so excited to show you a fun project on how to cut HTV without a machine. The pineapple image I used was from a simple google search.

After printing and cutting out the pineapple, I placed it on the plastic carrier sheet of the Old Gold glitter HTV. I taped top and bottom so it won’t move as I traced. Then I used a permanent marker to trace the outline of the paper pineapple. 

Once the pineapple was traced, I removed the paper pineapple and cut the glitter HTV with scissors. I didn’t worry about the inside design of the pineapple because I’m going to free hand that later. 

Now that the pineapple is cut out, I used my fat max cutting knife to free hand cut the inner portion of the pineapple. With this old gold glitter HTV, I just want an outline of the pineapple so it didn't matter how thick to cut.

Next, is the inner pineapple design. I used glitter HTV white, glitter HTV light green, and Siser EasyWeed Electric Cherry. I cut out lines and triangles and placed them in and on top of the pineapple.

The first layer I heat pressed was the outline of the pineapple (old gold glitter HTV).

The next layer was the Siser EasyWeed Electric Cherry

Lastly, was the triangles in the glitter HTV white. A tip for getting the carrier sheet off the triangles is to take a permanent marker and put a dot on each piece. Once you finish pressing this layer, use the weeding tool to pick off the carrier sheets and the black dots help you see which triangles have still have the carrier sheet on or not. 

And there you go! Hopefully you have some inspiration on creating your own HTV project without using a machine!

Nov 9th 2017 Expressions Vinyl - Amy

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