Cutting Larger than the Mat

Cutting Larger than the Mat

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So this week we are working on cutting images Larger than what the machine standard cut sizes are in width and Length. Usually on personal cutting machines like the Silhouette and Cricut, your max width is 12". The length can vary, but the width sometimes is where you have to get a little creative.

We have a perfect cut file for Jessica and JoAnn to figure out how to piece together into a 4x4 foot image onto a wall. 

And like the file,"There is Always Time to Create".

And its great for Heat Transfer Projects for all your crafters and Adhesive Projects for a fun saying in your home office or craft room.

Jessica and JoAnn both used a different machine, Jessica Silhouette and JoAnn Cricut, and both have some tips and tricks up their sleeves for the whole process.

Lets take a look at the Vinyl they chose to use:

JoAnn stuck with the images color scheme to keep it retro and 80's ish.

Vinyl: Oracal 631:

~Black, White, Lime Tree Green, Purple, Silver, Mint, Pink.

(Picture of JoAnn's finished product)

Jessica decided to stick with a more Bold color combination

Vinyl: Oracal 631:

~ Gold Metallic, Dark Blue, Teal, Lipstick, and Carnation Pink

Check out how it went in the Facebook video here:

Check out these final glam shots:

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May 9th 2019 Expressions Vinyl - Team

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