Framed Dr. Seuss Quote

Framed Dr. Seuss Quote

Hi! My name is Amy from Art & Sole Designs and I’m very excited to have been chosen by Expressions Vinyl to show you how to make this adorable craft.

To create your very own Framed Dr. Seuss Quote you will need:

*1- 12x12 picture frame (I hand painted mine orange)

*1- 12x12 sheet of colorful patterned craft paper

*1- 12x12 sheet of lime green craft paper

*Double sided tape or glue stick

*Transfer tape

*1- 12x12 sheet of vinyl in pastel orange

*1- 12x12 sheet of vinyl inpink

*12x12 sheet of vinyl in turquoise

First, you will need to cut the lime green paper down to 10x10 to create a mat. Attach the cut lime green paper to the patterned paper, using double sided tape or a glue stick.

Next, I set up my text design using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software. I chose the fonts KG Falling Slowly and CF Jack Story.

Then I cut my text out on my Silhouette Cameo in all three vinyl colors and combined the three to make one so the wording would be bright and colorful.

Next, I applied the design to the lime green craft paper with the transfer tape.

Finally, I inserted the paper into the frame. And there you have it! This would be adorable in any classroom or child’s bedroom. And since I will be moving to a new 2nd grade classroom this year, that’s exactly where mine will go! I hope you will enjoy making this craft as much as I did.

Apr 18th 2016 ExpressionsVinyl-Ambassador

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