Parachutes And Airplanes

Parachutes And Airplanes


My little boy loves airplanes and parachutes!

We came across this really cool army amo box from a garage sale last year. We thought it was really neat, it still had the information indicating what type of ammo box it was. They were mortars; this ammo box inspires our Parachute And Airplane theme.

This wasn't hard to put together other than all the little pieces we had to weed out for the final look. We purchase airplane and parachute images that our Silhouette was able to cut out. We used 5 pieces of the 24x12 black vinyl. Then we simply placed them on the wall in the positions we wanted them. We made sure we spaced them out in enough so it would take up the entire wall.


Jan 28th 2014 ExpressionsVinyl-Ambassador

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