Personalized Mason Jar Coasters with heat transfer Vinyl

Personalized Mason Jar Coasters with heat transfer Vinyl

I love drinking ice cold drinks! But water dripping down the side and potentially ruining surfaces is *theee* worst. Today I am showing you how to create some adorable mason jar lid coasters jazzed up with glitter heat transfer vinyl. They're super simple to make and the customization is endless.

Things you will need:

-Electronic cutting machine (I use a Silhouette CAMEO 3)
-Mason jar lids
-Cork sheets
-Hot glue gun
-Heat transfer vinyl (I used white glitter)
-Iron or heat press

Step 1:
Measure the inside of the jar lid so that you can easily glue the cork sheet into place once it is done. As you can see below, the circumference of my circle is 3.250 all the way around.

Step 2: 

Design the image that you want pressed on the cork. I went with a simple circle border and a W (for my last name!) as the center of the circle. I placed the W image inside my jar lid size just to be sure that it fit. Make sure you remove the outer circle because we don't want to cut that. As always with HTV, don't forget to mirror! 

Step 3:

It's time to cut your cork sheet and HTV! My machine has settings for the cork sheet and I always love to refer to the EV size chart to ensure that I don't waste any precious vinyl when I cut. You can check out the handy chart here

Step 4:

Once you cut your HTV, make sure to weed out the portion you don't want pressed. 

Place the HTV image on top of your cork circle and use your iron to press it on. I was impressed with how easy it was to press the cork! Make sure you apply even pressure so that the adhesive applies evenly. 

Here is that your coaster will look like once it is done! I love how sparkly this vinyl is!! 

Can't wait to make more of these to gift to friends and family! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @kutiekairadesigns if you create these so that I can admire your work!

Happy crafting :)

Mar 5th 2018 Expressions Vinyl - Blogger

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