Wet Application Method

Wet Application Method

Hey Everyone, this is Starla with and have I got a fun method for you to try today. If you have not heard of the Wet Application method, this is where you will want to be. The Wet Applciation method helps with applying large decals and lineing them up straight by using a water/dish soap application mix.

If you have heard of this method by have been hesitant to try it, dont worry, I will let you in on a little secret, this was my first time doing this and I was pleasently surprised at how easy it is to use.

You will first need some supplies:

  • Dish soap> nothing fancy Dawn works great
  • 12 oz spray bottle
  • Rubbing Alcahol
  • Coffee Filters
  • Vinyl Tools: Box Knife, Weeding Tool, and Application tool
  • Paper Transfer Tape ( Clear will not work)

First we need to prep out Vinyl by applying the Transfer Tape and trimming any excess tape around the edges.

You now will need to clean off your surface. Since this is typically done on glass I am going to use some rubbing alcahol in a spritz bottle to clean it. The Rubbing Alcahol will quickly evaporate, leaving no trace of streaks or a damp surface. I also like to use Coffee filters to wipe the glass down since they do not leave fibers behind like some paper towels will.

In a 12 oz spray bottle, add one drop of dish soap and give it a good shake to mix it in. Then spray the exposed vinyl adhesive side and apply to your glass and position where you would like.

NOTE: Too much dish soap can add issues to the application process, so just 1 drop will do great.

After it has been placed, take your application tool and smooth out any excess soapy water until it will come out no longer. Then let it is for a short while to let the water evaporate before removing the tape. You can do a test with the tape and if it is not allowing the vinyl to stay down, give it some more drying time.

Wipe the excess off with those fancy coffee filters

Once you believe it to be dry, remove the transfer tape, some water may still be trapped if you have many openings like on this image, just give it a quick wipe down afterwords.

Repeat steps again for other half of image or any layers.

Your project is now ready to display.

That is how you us the Wet Application method, if you are still hesitant to try it out, try it on smaller images until you feel comfortable. Go try it out now!

Feb 14th 2018 Expressions Vinyl - Starla

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