Beautiful Inside-Mirror Accent

Beautiful Inside-Mirror Accent

As my 10-year old daughter starts to grow into a young lady right before my eyes, I have started to see the importance of helping her to understand that it is important to look nice on the outside but more importantly is how you look on the INSIDE. I got her a full length mirror so that she could be sure that she matched & so on. I decided that mirror just looked too plain. Expressions Vinyl had the perfect solution to that problem – Glitter Vinyl in Ultra Melon & Ultra Black!

I used my Cricut Explore & Design Space to design & cut the decals for her mirror. Here are the steps I used to create the vinyl decals for “Be beautiful in your heart”.

First, I uploaded the font “Be Safe” from the internet into my computer & downloaded it into my software.

Second, I measured the mirror that I was using to get the biggest font size possible. Then, I began making my design.

Once my design was complete, I cut the vinyl to the appropriate sizes and put them on the mat. I set my Cricut Explore to the highest vinyl setting and cut. It cut beautifully! It was smooth and didn't tear.

After it was finished cutting, I did the weeding. Thankfully, it wasn't too tedious. Lastly, I used transfer tapeto ease in the application of the vinyl to the mirror.

Before beginning the vinyl application, I cleaned the mirror with window cleaner & waited until I was sure it was dry. I started at the top of the mirror and laid down “Be Beautiful”. I started in the center of the words & slowly worked my way out, burnishing as I went, in order to prevent bubbles.

After I finished with the heart at the bottom of her mirror, I removed the transfer tape from each section to reveal the finished project. It was awesome!

Jun 25th 2014 ExpressionsVinyl-Ambassador

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