Diy Vinyl Knee Patches!

Diy Vinyl Knee Patches!

Hi everyone! It's Kiki from Kiki and Company and I am here to share one of my biggest frustrations with my baby's clothes and a quick fix to help it.

So I have a 3 year old girl and she has every color and pattern of leggings known to man. BUT the problem is...she falls down ALL THE TIME. So she rips out her knees ALL OF THE TIME. I picked up a pair of cute leggings the other day that just had a cute little patch on the knee and had a quick ah-ha moment. I could do that to ALL of her leggings if they rip out, but I could also do it before she even wears them and save them..and using Heat Transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl is perfect!


Expressions Vinyl Heat Transfer Vinyl- I used the Old Gold Glittered, but you can choose any color you want!



Heart Pattern or find any shape you want- Here is the free one I used!



1- Gather your supplies

2-Cut out your pattern. Remember with HTV Vinyl you want to use the mirror image of your pattern. You can use a Cricut or Silhouette to cut this out, but I wanted to show you a way you could use vinyl even without a machine!

3-Put leggings on your munchkin. Pin where their knees are.

4-Place vinyl where the knees are. Remember that the SHINY side of the vinyl should be up. You will iron right over it.

5- I have found that ironing the fabric first to get it really hot and then putting the vinyl down on top and then ironing over it really helps it to stay put for long term use. You could also use a heat press if you have one.

6-Peel off the lining and you are done! How cute are those!

7- And on my little nuggets knees they are not only cute, but I'm telling you, these leggings will LAST!

I hope you try this technique out and then buy up ALL the HTV vinyl! Have a great day!

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Oct 18th 2016 ExpressionsVinyl-Ambassador

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