Don't forget the test cut on your Silhouette!

Don't forget the test cut on your Silhouette!

Hi guys, it's Jessica at and today I want to show you all about the test cut feature. Test cutting saves you a lot of material and a lot of heartache. The test cut is just a little tiny sample cut in the upper corner of your vinyl so that you can make sure you have your settings dialed in just right before you cut out your whole image. If you've got the settings just right, you won't waste your vinyl. Let's get started.

I've got a little bird here that I want to cut. I'm going to click on send to Silhouette. That will bring up my cut settings and I want to adjust those. Click on vinyl.

If I scroll down a little bit more it tells me that I want to have my blade on a one, my speed on a five, and my thickness on a 10. My blade is fairly new so I'm going to turn my new blade for the thickness to a two and see how that cuts.

I'm going to click right here on test cut.

I need to load my material into my machine. I am cutting Oracal 631 in Mint. Click load. Make sure your blade is on a one. Now go back over to the software and click on test cut.

And we will unload this from the machine and see how it went. Okay, so right up here in the corner is where it cut, and I don't have anything so we’ll try that again.

I'm going to change my blade to a two, since it didn't cut anything at all, and then we'll go over back to the program and change my blade to a two over here, and then the thickness we're going to bump up just a little bit, and we will do another test cut.

We will unload that and see what we've got. Now I can see that it did cut out. It cut great. You just want to cut the vinyl. You don’t want to go through the paper backing at all. I can see on this, it went through the paper backing just a little bit, so now I'm going to ease up on the settings and do another test cut. I'm going to go back over to my software, and the thickness I'm going to change to a three. Click test cut again, and we'll go back over to our machine and see how that went.

It cut great. It's not too deep and not too thick, just perfect. So that is how you do a test cut using the Silhouette Cameo. You just fine tune it a little notch at a time, and you'll get your cut settings just right.

Jun 2nd 2017 Expressions Vinyl - Jessica

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