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Hey Everyone, its Starla with What is more fun that Glitter Vinyl?...Not much. And has 3 Lines of Glitter Adhesive. We are going to tell you today why you NEED all 3 lines when it comes to creating your next projects.

Let start with our Glitter Adhesive line.  Glitter Adhesive consists of 26 different Colors rangeing from your bright fluorescent Glittters to your Earth tones.

The adhesive Glitter lines gets its fun subtle yet stunning shimmer from the metallic flex that embedded into the Vinyl and given a smooth finish. 

Next we have out Glitter FX line, its has about half the amount of colors available but it give you a more bold color spectrum to choose from, even including a translucent Vinyl which can be applied to the top of any other vinyl to make it a nice glittery viny, so the possibilities are endless. Unlike the Glitter line being embedded with Metallic flex, the FX lines has been created with Holographic flex to bring out more colors in the vinyl.

Both the Glitter and Glitter FX lines are a 2 MIL thin cast vinyl, meaning they will stretch some and conform much easier to surfaces such as wine glasses that have many contours to the surface. Regular Vinyls are a calendared vinyl making it hard to apply to curves.

Our final line of Glitter is our Transparent line. This is designed to give neat shadow and sun ray effects much like a stained glass look. With only 19 colors available you can also add these on top of another vinyl to create a custom vinyl color or even on top of another transparent for a few transparent color. 

If you look closely it may appear that there are more that 19 colors, that is becasue when they are over lapped they create a mixed color, pretty neat!

This feature makes the Transparent Glitter line is definately my favorite because you can do so much with the vinyl by itself or create your own color mixes. unline the other 2 lines, the Transparent is not a cast vinyl so it will not work as well on curved surfaces and it has a 3 Mil thickness.

You can even had all 3 into one project and they still look great!

All Three lines: (Glitter, Glitter FX and Transparent Glitter) have been designed to withstand high heat, humidity, and intense Sun Exposure for a 5-8 year life. 

If you need any help deciding which line would work best for you, check out our sample kits available for all 3 lines. Glitter Vinyl is Great for any project.

Mar 1st 2018 Expressions Vinyl - Starla

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