How to use Heat Transfer Pillow Correctly

How to use Heat Transfer Pillow Correctly

Hi guys, it's Jessica with and today I want to talk to you about heat transfer pillows, why you would want to use them and what they are.

So heat transfer pillows have a foam cushiony inside.

And then the outside is a non-stick material that you can use either with a heat press or an iron. And that material can withstand the heat of those.

The reason why you'd want a heat press pillow is if you're pressing something that has a zipper, or snaps, or thick seams it's nice to have something for those to cushion into. If you've got a little bag with a zipper if you were to press that without the pillow that zipper's gonna add some bulk. And you're not gonna get a nice flat surface when you're pressing.

So this heat press pillow provides a cushion for the zipper to sink into. Same with these snaps and buttons, you want somewhere for those to go because they add quite a bit of bulk and your vinyl's not gonna sit nice and smooth and get all the press that it needs.

Same thing with sweatpants. It's got a thick seam, and if you were doing like a hip design it's got a lot of thickness there to combat. So, if you slid a pillow in between your project, it's going to provide a nice soft place for the seam to sink into and give you a nice flat surface when you're pressing.

So, we've got these pillows in a few different sizes.

A six by eight, and it's good for onesies or little bags. We've also got this one that's a five by 18.

It's nice for sleeves, and pant legs. And we also have all the way up to 16 by 20. So if you have like a big sweatshirt, or T-shirt you were doing that had pocket seams, or a V-neck, you could slip that in too.

If you guys do things with buttons. Even like a nice mens button down shirt if you're putting a logo on it. You don't want to combat those buttons with the bulk. So, pressing pillows are nice to give it a cushiony softness, and make it nice and smooth to sink into. So, if you guys have any questions on heat pressing pillows, let us know in the comments below, we love reading your nice comments.

And you can grab your heat transfer pillows here! 

Feb 28th 2017 Expressions Vinyl-Jessica

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