Using a Quilting book instead of a Machine

Using a Quilting book instead of a Machine

Hi everybody, it's Starla with, and we were given a challenge to do a project with no machine. And it is possible, it's just a little bit more time consuming. So I'm going to show you a way to do one. So I have a lot of fabric book and thought they would be easy to use as a template they always have tons of cute patterns inside.

Here is what you will need:


Siser Stripflock

Siser Glitter HTV

Siser Easyweed

Silhouette Printable Cotton Material


Scissors and or box knife

However instead of fabric, I am going to use Heat Trasnfer Vinyl. So I am going to use this apple template.

You can copy this to change the size if you wish but for a tea towel I am happy with its current size. So instead of making multiple copies and wasting paper I am going to use carbon paper it can be a little messy, but you're going save on multiple prints. 

For our main apple image you can go to any fabric store and find anything that you like, but we want to use Silhouette's brand of printable cotton fabric. 

Any of these printable patterns can be found in Silhouette Store, you can find a lot on Cricut's design space and you can find hundreds of fun digital paper patterns on Etsy, the particular pattern I am using today was purchased from the Etsy shop HuckleberryHearts, she has such cute fall designs. Since we're doing apples, I thought we'd do some fun plaids.

What you wanna keep in mind when you're doing this is items maybe flip depending upon on how you trace it. If you don't want to trace upon your materials printed pattern, just keep in mind, everything's going be backwards. With my carbon paper, already down. I'm just going to trace with a pen. And it's just going to transfer my image onto the backing of my pattern.

And there it is. It's a little rough, but that's okay because you're doing this totally by hand so it is not going to be perfect.

Here we've got our apple. And if you wanna make sure which way you're working. Mine's backwards. So just keep in that mind. You wanna always make sure it's backward and check before you move on to the next project. So you're just gonna repeat this for every step. 

Since this doesn't have an adhesive on the back, you can either use a Heat and Bond material, or use some vinyl to tack it down. I want to use some Stripflock HTV to hold it down and to do so, I will need to create an offset.

I'm sure there's a lot better methods to do this, but I just took a paintbrush and a pen. Lined them up and taped them off. And I'm just gonna trace this actual image on my StripFlock.

I am using the paintbrush as a tracing tool to follow my original size of the apple.This is my offset, but since I want to be able to seal that together, I'm gonna do the same thing, tracing on the inside. And so, I'm still gonna take my brush, go along the actual trace line of my apple. I'm gonna clean that up just a little bit. Just taking my normal pen and trace the outline a little bit and now we're gonna cut that out. 

Okay, so I'm just gonna line it up. Just to see if it's where I want it. It's not gonna be perfect. And what I'm gonna do now, just because I want to make sure that is gonna line up best it can I am going to actually trace this again.

Okay, there's my actual apple. And it doesn't look too bad. But I don't wanna just cut that because it's gonna not seal in my edge. So you could take your tool again or you can just freehand it. I'm just gonna freehand it because at this point I can kinda see better where I'm going.

So I've got our offset, our image, and our inset. I'm just gonna take my knife and not go all the way through. Just enough to get it to lift. 

We are going to pre-press our towel just to get any moisture out. 

Keep in mind these all still have carrier sheets attached so you can not just hit it all at once, I am starting with my branch so I have it behind my apple and it is also going to help hold the printable cotton fabric pattern down until I get the Red Stripflock ready to go on the apple.

Next we will add our leaves, first our Lime Easyweed then our Glitter HTV, since the glitter has a higher temperature than the Easyweeds, I will tack that time onto the end when I attach my Stripflock and final Glitter HTV swirl.

Now that I have the leaves on I can go in and attached my offset apple with the Red Stripflock and my Glitte Swirl, for a finishing time of 320 for 15-20 seconds, the Stripflock is a cold peel and the Glitter a hot peel.

I would only recommend these be for a fun decoration towel since the pattern was printed and not treated with a non-fade chemical, it could fade, So just keep that in mind. 

How do you like them apples?

Sep 29th 2017 Expressions Vinyl-Starla

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