Etched Vinyl on a Pie Plate

Etched Vinyl on a Pie Plate

Its always fun to create fun new looks onto glass using the Armor Etch Etching cream, however it can be messy if you do not use the correct supplies to create your stencil.

If you want to create fun dishware for your or as a gift to a loved one, we recommend using our Oramask 813 Stencil Vinyl.

But lets get you to the right location to order some of this awesome vinyl, check out the drop down below.

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This simple project so quick and easy to do, the hardest part is going to be figuring out what Pie to pair with the awesome masterpiece you have created. But you can worry about later, its time for crafting.

Okay first rule for this project is that not all glass will work with etching cream due to how the glass surface was created. So check out a small test piece first.

Traditionally with stenciling you will not mirror your image, but when working with items that the food could possibly be touching the etched area, you will want to etch on the bottom, which means you will need to mirror your image like shown below, then simply weed out the areas you will want the etched cream to work on.

Once you have your Oramask Vinyl weeded out, its time to apply your Paper Transfer Tape. You can use any of our awesome Transfer Tapes, we just really like our paper, it works so well with most vinyls, through it is not see through, it gets a nice seal when applying stencil material.

Once you have it all masked off and burnished (rubbed down to the vinyl), pull some of the vinyl's paper backing away to give it some point to tack in place.

When you have it where you like it, peel the rest of the backing away, exposing your vinyl's adhesive and burnish it to the glass.

Here is the cool thing about Oramask, when you apply pressure, it is a film, so you can really see the air escaping because it changes to a little darker blue, and you can really see if your edges around your stencil are applied.

Then slowly peel away your Transfer Tape, and remember to pull away and not pull up. Pulling up can create bubbles in the vinyl, which is definitely not something you want for stencils.

For best results use something soft and pliable, like a tennis ball, to really get those edges to to seal to avoid bleeds.

Follow the instructions on your etching creme bottle and using a brush or foam brush, brush back n forth being mindful of the edges.

You want to avoid the stipple technique since the fiberglass in the etching cream is what scratches the glass all over.

Once you have it covered all over, let it sit for the amount of time the instructions call for.

Once the time is up, go and rinse off the etching cream until it is completely washed away. And let it dry.

Now you get to reveal your awesome etched image. It can be hard to see in the photo, but in person its an awesome finished look.

Now you just need to add that pie touch.

Try out some fun different looks with your favorite family's name and add in some fun images.

For the fun how-to video, check out the YouTube video below.

Nov 15th 2019 ExpressionsVinyl Team

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