ExpressionsVinyl Mystery Box Unboxed

ExpressionsVinyl Mystery Box Unboxed

Hey Everyone, so you know that we have been up to these fun new Mystery Boxes, but you have no idea what is in them. Well here is the big Unveiling for EACH box.

You had the choice to pre-order any of the following:

~Mystery Box HTV

~Mystery Box HTV/ADH

~Mystery Box ADH

Which one did you pick up? And we want to see what you have made or hear what you are going to make with your fun box.

JoAnn did a great job with the HTV Mystery Box, check out all the fun things she decided to make with one box, And there was quite a bit left, so these boxes are super awesome!

The Vinyl that is included in this Mystery box is:

~Easyweed Bright Red

~Siser Glitter HTV Rainbow White

~Patterned Lovely Llamas

~Patterned Party Balloons

~Patterned Sprinkles

And we know that there are many of these that you would love to make so we have the whole "Recipe" for ya to make these cute shrits,apron, tea-towel, really anything you want.

Here we go...

~Official Birthday Cake Tester

Vinyl - Patterned SprinklesRainbow White Glitter

File - Piece of Cake #M8984B63

Font - Amastery HandGroovy Script

~Donut Judge Me

Vinyl - Easyweed in Cream and Bright RedPatterned Sprinkles

Font - Candlepin


Vinyl - Patterned Lovely LlamasGlitter Rainbow White

Font - Lucky Dip Joseph

~No Prob-Llama

Vinyl - Patterned Lovely LlamasGlitter Rainbow White

Font - Anchor Jack

~Water Balloon Champ

Vinyl - Patterned Party BalloonsEasyWeed Black

File - Droplet #M2F7D8, Splatter Drop Paint Splash #MBA61318, Balloon #M7BC3DB2

Font - Balloon Pops, Angelina ScriptBig Frost Plain

~Don’t Forget the Sprinkles

Vinyl - EasyWeed BlackGlitter Rainbow WhitePatterned Sprinkles

File - Cupcake #M8B3C736

Font - PN Dream Catcher (Cricut Design Space Font)

~Donuts without Sprinkles

Viny - Patterned SprinklesEasyWeed Bright Red

Font - Road Trip (Cricut Design Space Font), Candlepin

Go Ahead and watch how JoAnn created of the fun Apron in this short video:

Alright now, for those of your who mostly focus on the Adhesive portion of the Vinyl world, Starla made a variety of project ideas for you to get creative with.

Check out how many came out of this, and less than HALF of the 24" Sheet of Transfer Tape was used for all of this.

The Adhesive Box comes with all these fun sheets:

~Patterned Lovely Llamas

~Patterned Sprinkles

~Patterned Sprinkles-Pink

~Patterned Party Balloons

~Glitter Adhesive Seamfoam Green

~Siser PSV Wisteria

~Siser PSV Dandelion

And if you are inspired by this and see something you want to make or create something from your imagination, here is all the info you need for all the fun Adhesive Projects:

~Keep it Up and follow your Dreams

Vinyl - Party BalloonsSeamfoam Green, Wisteria, Dandelion

File - Home Card SIL ID# 45283Gatefold birthday balloon card SIL ID#200144,

Font - Balloon Pops

~Tina Eat the Food

Vinyl - WisteriaPatterned Sprinkles-Pink

Fonts -Aprilio BomberBritannic T


Vinyl - Patterned Sprinkles-Pink, Patterned Lovely Llamas, Glitter Seafoam Green, Dandelion, Wisteria

Files - 'Home' Phrase SIL ID# 10290


Vinyl - Lovely Llamas, Dandelion, Sprinkles, Sprinkles-Pink,

~Gift Bag:

Vinyl - Lovely Llamas, Sprinkles, Party Balloons, Wisteria, Dandelion, Seafoam Green

Files - Polka Dot and Striped Birthday Presents SIL ID#43412

~Hot-Air Balloon Board

Vinyl - Party Balloons, Lovely Llamas, Sprinkles, Sprinkles-pink, Wisteria, Dandelion, Seafoam Green

Files - Come Fly with Me SIL ID# 56501

All of this made with the Adhesive Mystery Box, with plenty more Vinyl to spare and Transfer Tape. Check out how the UP inspired Coin Jar was made in this video:

Jul 11th 2019 Expressions Vinyl - Team

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