How to Apply Adhesive Vinyl on a Curved Surface

How to Apply Adhesive Vinyl on a Curved Surface


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Hello, it’s Amy with Today I’m going to show you two simple ways on how you can apply adhesive vinyl to a curved surface. There’s mugs, water bottles and another common curved surface are wine glasses or champagne glasses. I have these two bride and groom vinyl pieces that I’m going to apply to wine glasses.

Today I am using glitter rosy goldpolished metal rosy, and transparent glitter rosy adhesive vinyl. Let’s get started! The first thing you want to do is clean your glass. Rubbing alcohol works great just make sure to let it dry before applying the vinyl. One helpful trick to applying vinyl to a curved surface is to place a bean bag, pillow, or rice bag under the wine glass. I’m using a neck pillow. It works great as the glass lays on it and it helps prevent the wine glass from moving.

The first technique I’m going to show you is the trim method. It’s as simple as it sounds. You will want to trim around your image as close as you can to remove all that extra space. This allows flexibility to the vinyl when adhering it to the glass. 

The second technique is drawing a straight line across your image using a ruler and pen. The transfer tape will already be placed on your image. This is a great guide for alignment, so your image doesn’t apply crooked. First adhere the center then work from one side to the next.

The final step for any method, is to let your vinyl cure! That means letting it sit untouched for 24-48 hours. Curing helps the adhesive stick better to the surface. This step is key in making sure the vinyl doesn’t peel off during use and washes.

There are many different ways on how to apply adhesive vinyl on a wine glass so find which ways work best for you. Hopefully these examples give you some ideas on how to do so. Thanks for tuning in and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments, give us a like, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Mar 27th 2018 Expressions Vinyl - Amy

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