Cover Up Those Logos!

Cover Up Those Logos!'s a new year...and i'm getting organized! okay..kinda organized. and only kinda.and part of my organizing strategy is to have the stuff i need to take on the go ready to my dog stuff...all the stuff she needs for the park. leash, ball, Frisbee, poop bags etc...and a bag for my church stuff...and a bag for my crocheting..(i only crochet in the car or at my husband's basketball games)enter old bags that have logos...i know you have at least one....and it's time to make them cute! …
Jan 15th 2013 ExpressionsVinyl-Ambassador
How To Stick On A Big Piece Of Vinyl!

How To Stick On A Big Piece Of Vinyl!

Hey Everyone its Kimbo from GirlandaGlueGun. I have talked many a time about using transfer tape.It's my best friend.It will take all the small images or words you cut out and transfer it over to your project in one shabang, all straight and perfect. Instead of peeling and sticking each individual letter.But sometimes I do big projects that don't really require transfer I thought I would teach you the how to's on putting a big piece of vinyl on.This only works if your vinyl …
Nov 20th 2012 ExpressionsVinyl-Ambassador