Transfer Tape - What is the difference?

Transfer Tape - What is the difference?

Hey guys it's Jessica with Today I want to talk to you about transfer tape. We have a lot of different choices and I want to break it down for you so you can understand the differences and know which one you want to try out. Let's get started. We basically have four different kinds of transfer tape. They all come in different sizes. Let's dig into each one and I'll tell you the differences.

Let’s start with the ultra clear. The ultra clear comes in a 12 inch by 30 foot roll. And as you can see it is ultra clear.People like to use this one if they're reselling the decals because it has a nice finish and you can see what's coming through. 

Next up is the Clear Transfer Tape. It comes in a six inch roll or a 12 inch roll. It also comes in a 12 by 24 sheet or 12 by 12 sheet. And you can see that it's a little less clear than the ultra clear, but still very clear and usable.

Here we have the Opaque Transfer Tape. The opaque has kind of a gridded texture to it. It also comes in a 12 inch or a six inch roll. Also a 12 by 12 or a 12 by 24 sheet. Depending on how much you want.

Paper transfer tape! The paper happens to be my favorite. And as you can see here, it's not quite as see through. I like the paper because it's easy to tear. You can just rip it off the roll. It comes in a 12 inch roll or a six inch roll. We also have it in a 12 by 12 sheet or a 12 by 24 sheet.

Let me show you the differences on how you put on a roll versus a sheet.

As you can see the roll doesn't have a backing. It's sticky just like a regular roll of tape would come. I like to put my hand through the roll and just pull a little bit off and lay it down.

You can either use a knife or scissors to trim it off, then you can use your application tool and rub that down and trim off the edges. Your decal is ready to go.

Now let’s talk about the sheets. If you're using a sheet, you can kind of measure how much you need and trim it off of the sheet.

Then you're going to want to take it off of the paper backing. Here's the paper backing and then here's the transfer tape that's sticky. You can just peel that off. Lay it over your project carefully so you don't get any bubbles. And then you can trim that out and you're ready to go.

The major differences between the paper and the clears are the paper is a little more breathable. If you're doing a wet application, you definitely want to use the paper. It's more breathable and lets the water out. I like to use it just because it tears so easy. You can peel it off the roll and work with it. The clear ones are nice and if you're reselling. It's a little bit thicker, but it works good. The other awesome thing about transfer tape is you can reuse it. If you've got a big decal you're doing for your own wall, you put it on and then peel off that transfer tape. Don't crunch it in a ball. Keep it nice and straight and you can either put it back on the backing paper and save it and you can use it on different projects. It's good for two or three times until it looses it's stickiness. Then you'll want to get a new sheet. 

Jun 13th 2017 Expressions Vinyl - Jessica

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