What can you apply Adhesive Vinyl onto?

What can you apply Adhesive Vinyl onto?

Attention Beginners! Have you ever wondered ,"What CAN I put Adhesive Vinyl onto"? If so, then come check out this blog post, we will show you a quick run down of just a few items that you can apply adhesive Vinyl to.

Here are a few things:


For Glass surfaces, we recommend using any our our Permanent Lines. Shown here is our Glitter Adhesive Line in Blue, and our Series 51 line in White and Black. Permanent will water resistant, so for water bottles like this is it perfect.


Metal Surfaces also work great for Adhesive Vinyl. You can use either Permanent or Removable, depending upon what youo are wanting to do with your project. This tin will be for treats so I will want it Permanent. We used the Glitter FX in Red which has a permanent Adhesive.


Plastics come in all sorts of varieties, so it can sometimes be hard to say which  vinyl to use. Just like the Glass and the metal, it may depend upon how to wish to use them. bins like this one would be find with Permanent or Removable. If you have a fun flower pot that will go outside, Permanent is what you want. When in doubt, go with Permanent. This was our Light Blue Glitter Adhesive.


Ceramics are similar to Glass, so I would also recommend permanent. You will want a nice smooth ceramic like mugs,bowls, vases. Rough Ceramics you may have to treat prior to applying Vinyl. Here we use both Permanents Series 51 Black and Brushed Gold Metalized.


And Canvas. Canvas is probably the most questionable surface for Adhesive Vinyl, everyone wants canvas projects because you can get them relatively cheap and from most craft stores.

Canavs is tricky becuase it can be rough, smooth, course, tight, loose, High quality and low quality, but what it comes down to is this. Prepwork and support.

I will show you a quick run down. First Lets Start with our Basic Removable and Permanent Vinyls; Series 51 and 31.

Series 51 Vinyl has a gloss finish with a permanent adhesive, while Series 31 has a matte(satin) finish and a removable adhesive.

Some will tell you only use Permanent with Canvas, that is partially true, but if you prep your canvas before hand, you can use both.

Simply paint the canvas with a simply acrylic paint.

Apply your tape to your Vinyl and trim it around, then apply by burnishing the tape to allow the adhesive to adhere to the canvas. Do this with both your Red and Black.

The Red Permanent 51 does great, the Black Removable 31 does much better on the painted surface, so if you do not want to paint, here is your next trick.

Simply take a board that will fill in the open area of the canvas to give it a smooth surface, this will save you a lot of grief.

The Vinyl will now go on much smoother.

What will you put Adhesive Vinyl on???

Jan 23rd 2018 Expressions Vinyl-Starla

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