How To Use Your Vinyl Club Exclusives

What are the Holiday's without crafts? Some say it is not a holiday at all! We just might be some... So we have put together a nice little collection of some of our favorite holiday crafts. This might be just to give you some ideas that can help you on your way to your next craft project, or maybe you will love one so much you will make it just as we have. Either way we hope you enjoy and find inspiration from our creations!

How To Use Your Vinyl Club Exclusives


Paying only $8 a month to be in Vinyl Club is fantastic! You get free cut files, exclusive access, sneak peaks, and more! However, it's only worth it if you actually enjoy your perks! This blog is all about how to make the most of your membership!

Ew, People!

Did you know that we have dozens of exclusive cut files only for Vinyl Club members? Yup, this is one of them! This craft is perfect for the moody teen, anti-social queen, or just because you don't feel like being around people. This file can be so cute as a shirt, keychain, or even door sign. What will you make with it?

Cut File:
Ew People - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser Holographic HTV - Silver

Spread Your Wings

How fun is this project?! It's always important to "spread your wings" and see what you're capable of (or in this case, what this bag is capable of holding)! This Vinyl Club exclusive is a great way to branch out and use that fun patterned HTV you've been dying to try!

Cut File:
Spread Your Wings - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser Glitter HTV - Sapphire
Siser EasyWeed HTV - Pale Blue
Patterned HTV - Ocean Water

Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and succulents are the perfect low-maintenance houseplant. But even better than a living houseplant is one made out of vinyl! This fun potted cactus trio is the perfect decoration for plant moms and succulent enthusiasts alike. This fun cut file can be a decor piece, a keychain, or a fun t-shirt!

Cut File:
Cactus Trio - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Patterned Permanent Vinyl - Sweet Succulent
Oracal 651 Adhesive - Mint
Glitter Adhesive - Pink Flirt (Melon)


Sunflowers are considered a summer flower, but they're actually in full bloom in the fall! This cut file is perfect for all your floral project needs. This denim trucker hat is so cute! Where will you spread sunflower seeds?

Cut File:
Sunflower - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser Glitter HTV - Old Gold

Happy Fall

Happy Fall, Y'all! This adorable pumpkin cut file is perfect for all your fall crafting! Whether it's baby onesies, front porch decor, or a car decal! Whatever the project, this fun cut file is easy to use.

Cut File:
Happy Fall Pumpkin - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Segoe Print

Vinyl Used:
Siser Glitter HTV - Burgundy
Patterned HTV - Fall Plaid

Give Thanks

What better way to be thankful for Vinyl Club than by using this cute cut file? This is perfect year-round, but especially during the Thanksgiving season. Here we have the cut file on some dish towels, but it can also be great on a shirt or wall hanging. Where will you "give thanks"?

Cut File:
Give Thanks - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser Glitter HTV - Copper, Black, Tawny, Silver

Deck the Halls & Be Merry

How fun is this dish towel set?! These two cut files go hand-in-hand to bring holiday cheer to your home. Plus, there's an endless way to mix colors and patterns, so every design is unique.

Cut File:
Be Merry - Vinyl Club Exclusive
Deck the Halls - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser EasyWeed Electric - Red
Siser Glitter HTV - Dark Green, Black Silver

Bah Humbug

Bah, humbug! This adorable onesie is perfect for the little Scrooge in your life. This cut file is great not only on onesies, but also tote bags and even shirts for adults! Where will you use this cut file?

Cut File:
Bah Humbug - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser EasyWeed HTV - Gold, Silver

Patchwork Heart Circle

This cut file is great for any occasion, whether as a Christmas ornament or a Valentine! The patterns are all unique, but all work together to make this adorable file. We can't wait to see how you'll use this cut file!

Cut File:
Patchwork Heart Circle - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Metalized Rainbow Adhesive - Matte

Let It Snow

Though the weather outside is frightful, this pillow is so delightful! Show your love of winter with this "let it snow" cut file. Perfect for Christmas décor or just curling up on the couch!

Cut File:
Let It Snow Snowflake - Vinyl Club Exclusive

Vinyl Used:
Siser EasyWeed HTV - White
Siser Glitter HTV - Champagne

And this is just the beginning! Check out all the fun cut files in store for you with your Vinyl Club membership! Just $8 a month gets you access to dozens of fun cut files, better deals on shipping, and exclusive discounts on almost every product! And don't forget to check out the Vinyl Club Exclusives page to see new vinyl available just for you!

Oct 26th 2021 Team

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