Quick Christmas Ornaments

Quick Christmas Ornaments

Check out what the ExpressionVinyl Creative Team is whipping up to inspire you. We are having fun here createing some cute and easy ornaments.

Learn to apply vinyl on a round ornamnet, Layer while on a curve, and use scraps in more way than one.

Jessica is showing a unique way using some homemade slime, a plastic ornament and some vinyl.

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First make your slime with the items shown mixing the Glue, few squirts of lotion, coloring, and some glitter of course. Spritzing it through out with some water.

Note: You can find lots of different slime recipes out there.

Next cut and weed your vinyl. The apply the Transfer Tape and starting from the middle, work your corners out and slowly peel back the transfer tape.

What a fun idea to do with kids. Who doesn't like slime. Try it out!

JoAnn shows you how to easily apply curvy words to a glass ball ornament. Using a simple trick.

Vinyl Used

Font Used:

  • Cricut Font: Everyday Fonts/Celebrate

Tip:Its always a good Idea to grab our Glitter Adhesive line for curved surfaces, it is a cast vinyl and will smooth down much easier.

By pulling off the vinyls backer and exposing the vinyl it makes for a much easier application, then just work your way to the edges. The all you need to do is remove the Tape.

Attach some ribbon to give them a finished look and you are set to decorate the tree.

Aren't those cute!

Amy knows what is up when it comes to applying detailed phrases to a round ornament, which can be quite tricky. Don't worry she has the tricks.

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Amy is creating some "Relief" cuts after the vinyl has already been weeded and taped. This will make it nice and easy to apply all those fun curly ques. 

Also she uses a container to stabilize her ornament from rolling around, what a great idea!

Once again we work from the middle to the outer edges.

Great tips to get super detailed cuts onto a very curved surface.

Starla knows you have some scraps laying around of your glitter HTV vinyl, why not use them to make some quick and easy ornaments.

A couple of ways to add your scraps to your ornaments, either bunch them all up or roll and create curls on the inside.

Then repeat several times.

Vinyl Used:



  • Impact

Then add your vinyl to create some fun Christmas/Holiday Characters and even create one for your fur baby.

Lets see what you make this year!

Dec 6th 2017 Expressions Vinyl Team

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