Christmas Tree Light-Up Canvas and Star Light Garland

Christmas Tree Canvas with Lights If you want a fun interactive project, we recommend these fun light up canvas', you can really create your own expression of art work. After all we are and we want you express your own creativity. So let get to putting this fun and easy Christmas Tree Light-up Canvas together. window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || n …
Oct 8th 2021 ExpressionsVinyl Team

Christmas Pillow

DIY Merry Christmas Pillow Decorating for Christmas is so fun, especially when you can create things of your own. So why not make your Christmas Season a little more warm and cozy with a throw pillow with your favorite vinyl and favorite cut files window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS = window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS || new Array(); window.SHOGUN_IMAGE_ELEMENTS.push({ …
Nov 15th 2019 ExpressionsVinyl Team

November Mystery Box

Congratulations on getting your November Mystery Box! If you are new to the Vinyl world, no worries, we will walk you through what you received in your mystery boxes, what cut settings and how to use the adhesive vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl. If you are not new to this, you will still want to check out the video below to learn some tips and tricks along the way, and get excited to start creating all your own projec …
Nov 1st 2019 ExpressionsVinyl Team
Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Hey Everyone, has so many fun Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Colors, Fourty-Seven to be exact.If you find yourself being intimidated by the Glitter Heat Transfer, not to worry, we will give a some insite to the product in this blog, what expect and how to cut it. It adds a fun texture to your projects, clothing, wood, canvas, any project you wish to Glitterize.  Also, Glitter HTV is CPSIA Certified, so it’s perfect for decorating children’s clothing and acce …
Dec 19th 2017 Expressions Vinyl Team
Starla's Top 5 Fav's

Starla's Top 5 Fav's

Hey This is Starla from and I want to share with you my Top 5 ExpressionsVinyl Favorites. This was quite difficut to narrow down since really I love almost  every product we sell and those I dont love, I have not tried yet.Here we go, these are in no particular order since like I said, really everything is my favorite, but here is what I would recommend for youDrum Roll Please.......1. Siser Weeding ToolThis tool is by far a must have for nearly all Vinyl projects. …
Nov 17th 2017 Expressions Vinyl-Starla