First Time’s A Charm: Transfer Tape vs Contact Paper

First Time’s A Charm: Transfer Tape vs Contact Paper

Today we are going to do a little experiment. Compared with transfer tape, the price per square inch of contact paper is only cheaper by 2 tenths of a penny, yet is not nearly as reliable. Not to mention, transfer tape is made especially to transfer vinyl. Yet, a lot of people use contact paper instead of transfer tape. So we are going to put them both to the test in a true contact paper vs. transfer tape challenge. Let's see which makes it out on top.

Let's start with Contact Paper!

I cut a piece to size. It has a paper backing that I need to peel off to expose my adhesive. 

Lay it over your project and give it a couple good swipes with your application tool.

I peeled off the contact's not picking up my letters!

I'm going to rub it down a little bit more.

This time around it grabbed my "N" but not the first two letters.

So I tried flipping it over and pressed my letters down as I peeled off the backing to try to get it to release. It was a little more work...but I was able to get them released.

Now let's see how it does when applying it to my mat. I placed it on my mat...gave a little rub down and It actually comes off great.

Now let's try our transfer tape. This is our clear transfer tape on a roll (so it doesn't have that paper backing!)

Roll it out and trim it off.

And rub it with our application tool and then trim off the excess so it's easier to work with!

Let's see how this peels off. It grabbed it right away! Way easier than the contact paper. 

Now let's apply it to our mat! Lay it down and give it a rub with my application tool. Peel off the Transfer tape and it releases perfectly! 

We also tried this with our 631 with a matte finish as well as our glitter vinyl--and they all had the same results! The contact paper was harder to release and the transfer tape just picked it right up and was easier to work with.

If you were in an emergency situation--Contact paper would be fine, but a little bit more work. Transfer Tape was made especially for vinyl and does an amazing job! You can grab some Transfer Tape HERE. We carry it in rolls and sheets!

Dec 19th 2016 Expressions Vinyl - Jessica

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