DIY "Man Crates" for Fathers Day

DIY "Man Crates" for Fathers Day

Hey everyone, Fathers Day is just around the corner and if you are like me, I struggle finding the perfect gift, well we put a few "Man Crates" together to help give you some fun ideas and of course they have all be vinyl'd up!

And, we have free cut  files for these, keep reading through for the links.

We created a fun Movie Crate for that Movie Buff Dad.

Lets show ya how it was made...

First, the crate plaque, has to be a dad joke right? This is a fun cut file you can find under ExpressionsVinyl's Digital Cut Files.

Create a box in the Silhouette program the ame size as the surface you will be putting on, in this case, its a scrap of 1/4 inch mdf to make a fun plaque. 

Since we needed just a little bit of Red (Polished Metal Vinyl). You can apply that part prior to applying the Transfer Tape to the Black Series 31 pieces, just by using a small piece of Transfer Tape this makes moving it over in one piece with ease. I like the Clear Transfer Tapes for all layering.

You can seal it if you wish but both the vinyls will be fine with out then simply Hot Glue it to the crate.

Okay, then we have our Big Popcorn bucket.

We want these to all line up so once again create a weeding box (same size on all) then cut your vinyls and you can apply the Transfer Tape in one swoop. Then just trim them up. IF you want to save on Tape, apply 2 layers together with one piece.

EXAMPLE: I would apply the tape to my Black and transfer it with the tape to my White then both colors can go down at the same time, You will see this step shown below on the mini pails.

Then simply apply your layers starting with the bottom layer. In this case~ White, Black, Yellow Vinyl.

Now you are ready to make LOTS! of Popcorn. Throw some microwave popcorn bags in there for a finished look.

But hey! you also need some personal popcorn pails right? They are quick and easy, just cut some strips, find your North and South sides(figuratively speaking, I started on the seam then the other seam) then fill strips in as you would like. No Transfer Tape needed here. Just trim off your tails.

Then taking your Gold Metalized Vinyl and your Series 31 Jet Black, Apply transfer Tape to your black then transfer that to your Gold and then transfer the whole image like shows above.

Make as many as you want and have the kiddos join in too!

And of course if you have a movie buff Dad you need a Theatre Sign, check this out. (Dont mind the no paint on the board, I was in a hurry, but I would paint it black or whatever.) Also a FREE CUT FILE!

First off, you need to apply your Siser PSV Chalkboard Vinyl, if you have not tried this it is the coolest Chalkboard Vinyl!!! 

This is easy, just apply it directly to the board and then trim off any excess with your favorite trimming tool.

Super easy right? Then all you need to do is keep adding your layers. 

With the Red Polished Metal your wood cutout is the same as your weeding box making lining that skinny board up so easy.

See I forgot to paint the board, I could still go back and paint the edges, but I would paint it before hand so you do not see your wood.

Then just start layering your next cutouts in your vinyl, we used a variety on this to give it that  50's gold Cinema look.

There you have it! Your fun and easy Movie Crate, and stuff it with his favorite snacks,drinks and movie(s), and you can use this sign over and over with a chalkmarker for your movie nights!

Check out these other fun crates as well for that Gamer and Tool Man in your life.

You can get the fun FREE cut files here...Tough as Nails...and here...Dad you're my player #1!

Thanks for stoppin' by, if you have any questions please let us know! Have a Happy Fathers Day!

Jun 6th 2018 Expressions Vinyl-Starla

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