Get Ready for Back to School

Get Ready for Back to School

Who is ready for Back to school, getting all those supplies, backpacks, new school clothes shopping. Its a busy time for you and your kids, so dont worry about getting those fancy notebooks, backpacks, shirts, all that! Get some fun plain ones and Vinyl them up! Its fun for you kids to do before going back to school and gets them excited. Also a fun activity to make some back to school gifts for their teacher. 

So lets take a look at what the ExpressionsVinyl Team has been up to, starting with school supplies...

We all need pens and pencils of course, so check out this fun pearly irridescent pencil zipper pouch that Jessica put some adhesive vinyl onto.

Super fun and easy to add a personalized touch to your kids belongings. And who doesnt love Mandalas or Zentagles.

Here is what Jessica used for this fun pouch:


Oracal 651 Gold


~Pencil SVG from OgogoPrint on


~Pencil Pouch

~Paper Transfer Tape

~Siser Weeding Tool

Now you need a fun shirt for your kids teacher? Toss in some school supplies for them and an awesome first day of school gift. Or you yourself being a teacher, first day of school make yourself a fun Tshirt.

Check out this cute one that JoAnn put together, simple and clean and fun.

JoAnn found this cute tee at the local Walmart, and I love the color, ready for school and Fall. Throw on some fun Easyweed Electric to make a real pop!

Here is what you will need:


~Easyweed Electric Red, and Tungsten


~ Apple (Cricut Image #M9D6278F)

~Seact Clean Font {educational}

~Impact Font {Rockstar}


~Tee shirt

~Siser Weeding Tool

After school, when its time to do Homework, its a fun idea to have all the tools the kiddos need in one place, so pick up a fun tool caddy from your favorite location, you can find them at most stores. Hobby Lobby, Target, and Amazon are probably our favorite places.

Check out this super simple and easy stenciling projects, takes no time at all and turns a plain box into a fun box or even just a fun decoration. Then toss in your favorite supplies.

This would also make a great Teacher gift!

Here is all you need:


~Oramask 813 Stencil Vinyl

Cut File {Free only at ExpressionsVinyl}

~ Tool Caddy Ruler SVG~ Tool Caddy Ruler Silhouette Studio File

Aug 1st 2019 Expressions Vinyl - Team

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