Make Mothers Day Special with Vinyl

Make Mothers Day Special with Vinyl

Hey Everyone, we've been busy over here at, getting stuff ready for Spring and of course Mother's Day. 

Mothers have always enjoyed the home-made or hand-made gifts they receive so why not include some vinyl in those projects and make them unique for your special Mother, or Grandmother or Auntie.

So lets show you some ideas we've got going on. And if this is your first time here on our blog, go check out and see all the fun products we offer.

When I think of Mother's Day projects, I think of what my mom loves to do and that is quilting, so of course she needs something to hang in her sewing room, and whats better than this quote:

"Moms, making life better one Stitch at a Time".

So if you want to whip one out for your mother here is what you will need:


Easyweed Electric:Spearmint, Peach Fuzz, and Cranberry

Easyweed: Black and Silver

ExpressionsVinyl Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl: Winter Bouquet

* Check out all the Patterns available from ExpressionsVinyl in HTV and Adhesive.

Fonts & Images:

Patchworks Stichlings (MOM)

Alyssum Blossom (making life better, at a time)

Adeline (one)

Asem Kandis (Stitch)

Sewing Machine -Hero Arts SIL ID# 9086


2 Pieces Pin Badge Wall Display Banner

I love how 'Vintage" the banner looks and just by adding some Pattern HTV it really gives that old sewing vibe.

Then of course we didn't want to leave out the Auntie's. So here is a fun idea for those aunts that are like moms to you or to your kids.

Here is what you will need to make this fun project.




Then, JoAnn thought it would be fun to make some cute Leather Earrings using some pre-cut Tear Drop Earrings from Hobby Lobby and some of our fun Patterned HTV and Glitter HTV.  JoAnn loves her some good earrings and I am sure her mother would love these gems.

Here is what you will need:


Glitter HTV - Rainbow White

EasyWeed Electric Red

Holographic - Silver

Patterned HTVTie Dye Pink and BlueStriped Lily Orchid


Teardrop Leather Earring Blanks {}

The Teardrop Earring trend is so popular right now and if you can add some fun Heat Transfer Vinyl that makes them even more special. And its a great way to use scraps.

Then if you missed it, Jessica did a Vinyl Friday making a cute shadow box frame with some patterned vinyl and some Etched Adhesive Vinyl for a fun Monogrammed Gift.

Check out the Vinyl Friday here:

To make this fun idea here is what you will need:


Etched Adhesive Vinyl- Silver

Patterned Adhesive Vinyl -Wooden Texture #6

Series 51 Adhesive -Warm Brick


Leafy Elegant Wreath Sil ID #150026

The Blacklist Font {Tolley}

Elephant Font - M monogram

And since its Easter/Spring Time, did you know we also have Vinyl Packs?

But, you don't have to just use it for Easter, check out what Jessica made for Mothers Day with this awesome pack.

I think all Mom's need this water bottle.

If you want to whip this up real quick for your mom and maybe add her favorite treats with it, here is what you will need:


Easter Series 51 Vinyl Pack


Super Hero Sheilds Initials

Super Mom, Super Wife, Super Tired


Water Bottle from Target

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our fun blog and watch more of our clips on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Apr 8th 2019 Expressions Vinyl - Team

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