Vinyl Countdown - Christmas Window Edition!

Vinyl Countdown - Christmas Window Edition!

It's that time again!  Vinyl Countdown!

We love these challenges and especially when we get to display them some where.  Starla, Jessica and JoAnn created fun displays for the store front windows.  If you are in the area, you'll want to stop by and see them.

Here is everything we used to create these fun windows!:

Jessica's Window (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

Oracal 631

Silver, Pink, Turquoise

Ultra Glitter



Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Bright Green, White


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

by Miss Kate Cuttables

Design ID # 233464

Christmas Lights

By Miss Kate Cuttables

Design ID # 165484

Starla's Window (Outdoor Scene)


Glitter HTV


Oracal 651

Brown, Black, Brimstone Yellow

Patterned Adhesive

Wood Texture #4, Buffalo Plaid Bright Red

Oracal 631 

Dark Grey, White, Dark Red, Pink, Mint, Dark Green, Green


Ev Logo

Reindeer from “Reindeer and Birch Tree Monogram Frame” #109210

Christmas Tree Truck Birch Forest # 279073

Santas Hat #34428

JoAnn's Window/Door (Snowman)


Glitter FX


Series 51


Oracal 651

Black, Pink, Turquoise, Green, Red


Cricut Images

Snowbaby M2F5B4

Joy M30F7E

Holly M352B5

Sleigh M3FA07

Snow Day M40DAF

Holly M411E5

Winter Tree M41A3D

Sled M4627D

Holly M46446

Christmas Tree MEFB20

Winter MEFF1B

Circle M369879

Square M369896

Star M36989A

Skiing M4C7D16B

Ski Poles M7BC51A9

Hat M7D36B0E

Mitten M7D36F04

Santa M7D371DE

Wreath M7D37A06

Present M7D380ED

Stocking M7D38F77

Candy M7D39100

Snow Day M7F06CB1

Joy M800ECEB

Sled M8046625

Present M804A03B

Santa Hat M8B28C5E

Winter M8B28E9A

Bow M8B36DC8

Bow M8B36DCE

Christmas Light Border M8B36E5C

Christmas Tree M8B36EAF

Deer Head M8B36F7B

Gingerbread Man M8B3700D

Jingle M8B370D6

Present M8B37296

Present M8B372A6

Rudolph Silhouette M8B372EB

Hot Cocoa M8D6E995

Ice Skate M8D6E9A0


Jingle Bells M8F7D4D0

EV Logo


Here's the preview video when we got the challenge.

Here's the full live window application!

Dec 7th 2018 Expressions Vinyl - Team

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