How to use the weld button in silhouette studio

how to weld in silhouette studio--expressions vinyl

- Hi guys, it's Jessica from and today I want to talk to you about the welding feature and why you would use it. So, let's say I want to cut out my name, so I'm gonna click over here on the text button and I am going to type out my name.

using text in cutting program

And then if I were to choose a font like this one, where my letters touch,(I'm going to  zoom in here so you can see really close). So see how my E connects into my S?

weld button in silhouette studio

If I were to cut this out, my machine, my Silhouette Cameo, is gonna cut where those red lines are, and I'm gonna be left with this little hole between my E and my S, also between my S's, and so on. So I want to make sure that those don't get lost. So I am gonna click on my name here and then I'm gonna right click and I'm gonna go down and select Weld.

how to right click and weld

And that is going to weld together my E and my S so now I don't have that hole there. weld fonts together

It does also separate your letters out, so if I undo that and then drag across everything and select it, right click and Group it together, group design together

now it's back as one piece to mess with.

love this group together feature

So I also want to show you that this works for designs as well as text. Let's say I want to make a snowman. I'm gonna draw my circles here.

how to make a design in silhouette studio

( this is my kind of snowman that I can make inside, not outside in the cold.) Okay, so I've got the outlines of my snowman here. But, again, if I were to cut this, I'd have these lines here that are gonna cut and make my snowman not all one piece.

how to weld together

So if I click across everything and select them, I can right click and find my Weld button there or another place to find your Weld button is if you go up to Object and then go on to Modify, and click Weld.

expressions vinyl weld

And that will weld my snowman all into one piece so I don't have three different pieces that I'm trying to mess with.

design your own in silhouette studio

So that is how you use the Weld button and why you would want to.

Here are a couple examples of times I forgot to weld my designs! You can see that the I lost the little piece on my I. (plus it looks so much nicer when it's welded!) 

vinyl design without welding

This is heat transfer vinyl-- on a pillow. After you iron it on, it's totally noticeable!

heat transfer vinyl weld

If you guys have any questions, let us know down below and we will answer you. And I hope you guys have a great day.