Vinyl Project Videos

  • When fall begins to set in and the leaves are falling off the trees everyone knows it is time to start thinking about holiday decorations. If you are looking for that extra little something, or need a little gift for a friend or neighbor. Then why not dust off the old Cricut machine and cut up some vinyl. For this Cricut vinyl project we are using three 2x2 blocks. The length of the blocks will be determined by the words you choose to use. You may also need more or less blocks depending on the phrase that you use. In this case we chose the phrase count your blessings. We have painted our blocks using acrylic paint that we watered down for a semi transparent washed look. We also used some sandpaper to scuff the edges for a rustic look. The look of the finished product is up to you. Then we chose some Cricut vinyl colors to compliment there corresponding blocks. If you have a block that is longer than your word you can find fonts available to download for a small charge that allow you to cut a small decorative graphic. In our case we chose to use a couple of these to fill out our blocks. Use your Cricut to cut your words and then weed the unnecessary vinyl from your pieces. After weeding apply the transfer tape to each piece. When you have the transfer tape applied you can then remove the backing and apply your words to the corresponding blocks. Be sure that your paint has had plenty of time to dry. If you try to apply the vinyl to wet paint it will not stick. Remove the transfer tape and your blocks are complete. Now you can leave the blocks loose to arrange in the order that makes sense, or you can hot glue them together so that they stay put. This project can be completed for just a couple dollars and makes a nice little decoration for your home or a gift for someone. With a little imagination you can use your Cricut with vinyl to make many nice decorations for your home.

  • Vinyl is great for making seasonal projects. In this project we make a set of blocks to use as a Halloween decoration. We have chosen the phrase "trick or treat" a popular Halloween saying to say the least. The project is pretty simple, just check out the video and see how easy it is.

  • This is one of our vinyl projects that works great as a decoration in your own home and also works well in a pinch as a gift for a friend or as a wedding gift. You can use any picture frame. You will want to consider if their will be anything left in the picture frame. If so you will want to make your lettering corespond to the background. Make this decision and then cut your lettering to that size. Apply it to the glass and you're good to go.

  • In our houshold we do quite a bit of laundry. To help us keep track of what needs to go where we whipped up a few quick signs using our Cricut and some vinyl. Simply measure the area of your basket that can accept the vinyl then cut the appropriate size lettering on your Cricut. Stick it on your basket and your ready to get your laundry done or you could just forget the laundry and gwt back to work on more vinyl projects.

  • The magnet tiles are one of our simpler vinyl projects. In this case we used some two inch tiles purchased from Lowes. They come in a sheet, so you get quite a few for just a couple bucks. We then used a dingbat font with Sure Cuts A Lot to get a cute little sillhouette. After application of the vinyl to the tile you just hot glue a magnet to the back and your done.

  • This Valentines day project uses some basic fonts along with a Doodle bat and some imbelishments from the craft store. We used the fonts Arial, Arial Black, Arial Naroow, and DB Heart Flourish. We also used SCAL to make the set up and execution of the cutting much easier.

  • Outdoor Craft vinyl and those labeled as gloss permanent are reasonably dishwasher safe. However we recommend vinyl to be primarily used for decoration and handwash if you really want to serve off it.

  • Use Chalkboard vinyl to create a fun menu board.

  • This project gives a quick demonstration of using chalkboard vinyl and a picture frame to make a board for writing notes on.