Beach Totes with your Cricut Explore

Beach Totes with your Cricut Explore

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach! (Or to the pool if you're like us and aren't near one.)

Here are a couple of fun and cute beach totes that will fit your towels and sunscreen. These were all made with Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl using a Cricut Explore but can be done on any machine with your favorite images.

Get ready for a fun day!

Beach Life Is Grand

What you will need:

Siser Easyweed~ Black and Lavender

Siser Easyweed Electric~ Pink

Siser Glitter~ White

Cricut Images:

Sandals #M3348F

Vintage Lace Doily #MC8A98A

Font~ Billionaire

Techniques Used:

Slice~ Stacking the Lace Doily over the flipflop image and slicing the two images

Weld~ slide the letters close together to connect them into one continuous flow.

I Love The Beach

What you will need:

Siser Easyweed Electric~ Red

Siser Easyweed~ Green Apple, Green, Texas Orange

Siser Glitter~ Gold Confetti

Siser Brick~ Yellow

Cricut Images:

PalmTree #M3B35E (Pirates and Mermaids)

Techniques Used:

Slice~ Stack the I over the top of the heart and slice it out.

Weld~ moved the letters in "the" together and welded them so they are in one continuous piece.

Sand in the Air

What you will need:

Siser Easyweed~ Powder Blue, Mint, Turquoise

Siser Glitter~ Aqua

Cricut Images:

Waves Frame #MCCF18B (Photo Fun-Holiday Memories)

Starfish draw #M1111195 (Mermaid Party)

Beach sign #M19CE47 (Summer Love)

Cindy Loo font by Cindy Loo

Techniques Used:

Slice~ sliced out the beach sign from a rectangle box.

Weld~ Attach the three starfis together so that they can be applied in one peice.

Have Fun! - Creative Team

Jul 17th 2017 Expressions Vinyl Team

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