Halloween Vinyl Inspiration

Halloween Vinyl Inspiration

Hey everyone! Hope you are all excited about Halloween. We at Expressions Vinyl just love Halloween, probably almost as much as Christmas. But Halloween comes first and you get to enjoy the cool fall breeze and Pumpkin Spice everything. Peoples houses start to turn spooky with decor and of course that's where we come in, to help you get your Haunted or Cute Halloween house in order. 

So let's show you some of our ideas.

Okay, let's be honest here, we could all use this pillow right? So TRUE! And it's fun for you whole family. Which character are you? Snake? Cat? Witch? Or are you more on the Scary side of Halloween?

Well if you think you need this cute design in your home just like JoAnn, here is what you will need:


Easyweed Electric- Cranberry,Tungsten,Orange and Pearl

Easyweed Black

Easyweed Glow-in-the-Dark

~Fonts/Cut Files:

Lucky Dip Alright Font Bundle {}


Light Grey Pillow Cover {}

12x20 Pillow Insert {}

Alright, this shirt was actually made last year, but it was such a fun concept we had to try it. Did you know that you could make an embossed effect using Brick 600 HTV and Easyweed Stretch over top?

It's so fun and cool. It might sound confusing, but we have a video on how it's done. You will love it! Check out the embossed look on the Halloween and the Green spider box. Some colors will work better others, but sometimes you just have to use the colors you love to use.

Here is what you will need for this fun Brick/Stretch Embossed look Tee shirt:


Easyweed Stretch-Purple Berry,Lime,and Orange

Easyweed White

Siser Brick 600 HTV- Color does not matter because the Stretch will be covering it


Spider and Web Cards SIL ID#33336

Halloween Life Cards SIL ID# 33841



And we have another pillow for you. We love our throw pillows and they are so fun to personalize and make your own decor for your home. Starla has a bit of an obsession with throw pillows.

Let's see what she used to make this spooky kooky pillow, and check out that faux fur monster looking pillow, its so fun! If you look closely the background image offset from the rest is EasyReflective and it REALLY reflects.

Here is what you will need:


Easyweed Stretch Purple Berry, and Lime

Easyweed White

Siser Glitter HTV Galaxy Black

EasyReflective Silver 

Patterned HTV Buffalo Plaid Black/Orange


Monster S Monogram #M87F9632

P Monogram #M87FA3AC

Halloween Dark Eyeball #MA2D0215

K Monogram #M87FA357

Monster Y Monogram #M87F9697



Black Throw Pillow {Walmart}

Jessica also did a pillow, last year for a class, see how this pillow trend continues? But its so cute and so easy to layer. 

She has had hers inside and outside so if you need a cute porch pillow idea this is a fun one! Pillows just add that fun Seasonal accent to the house. And you can take a nap on it afterwords, WIN WIN!!!


Easyweed- Orange

EasyReflective Silver

Siser Glitter HTV Purple, and Black

Patterned HTV- Hocus Pocus


Trick or Treat SIL ID# 216522


Black Pillow Case {}

Pillow Case Insert {}

Okay, this next one is possibly one of our favorites of all time, I just love it. JoAnn was inspired to make these cute shirts by one she had growing up and I think it's just perfect for and easy Halloween Costume for adults or those who like Halloween but aren't really into the dressing up part. 

Check out this fun Idea:


Easyweed: Glow-in-the-Dark,Black, and Lime

Easyweed Electric: Tungsten,Orange,Red and Grape


Blackboard {Optional for check mark boxes}


Font--Balloon Pops

Baby Mummy #MC2B810E

Candy Monster #MC2B813B

Decorative Witches Hat #MC2B815D

Ghost #MC2B81B4

Skull Head #MC2B836B

Lily Flower Outline #MDBCEF8A


Fun T-shirts

Oct 2nd 2019 Expressions Vinyl - Team

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