Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

We have a fun Vinyl Friday featuring our Pretty in Pink pack.

The Pretty in Pink pack has both adhesive vinyl as well as heat transfer vinyl.  There are so many options and projects you can make with it.  Here is a sneak peak at what we will be doing!

We will be working on 2 Iron On projects and 1 Adhesive Project.

Click here  - PRETTY IN PINK PACK - to purchase the pack!

I Stole My Mommy's Heart:

Font - 3 Birds on Parade

Heart - Cricut #M3CF24

Shirt - Hobby Lobby

Blessed Beyond Measure:

Blessed Font - Amastery

Beyond Measure Font - Impact

Heart - Cricut #M472E9

Shirt - Hobby Lobby

Love Plate Fonts:

Life's a Party - Cricut Font



A Little Sunshine

Amastery Hand



Bible Stories


Hearts: (Cricut)





To set up your design in Design Space to help with layering there are a couple of options.  This is just the way that I tend to use.  First choose all your fonts and arrange them however you would like.  Change them all to the same color and add a box the same shape as your project or the same shape that you want to use to help in layering.

Group all of those together.  The next step I do is change all the colors of the different words to what I want I want them to look like.  You can do that by selecting the word in the layers panel and then select the color next to it.  

Once you have them all selected I make 5 copies or however many colors you are working with.  On each one, delete out the colors you do not want in it.  I usually keep one main one so I know if I got them all.

From there you will want to attach each group together.  This will hold each of the individual words and shapes exactly where you want them and they will not shift to the top to cut.  

There are lots of different ways to do this.  If I have projects that are pretty easy to just look at them and line them up that way I will.  But sometimes I have projects that have a lot of different words and colors and I want them turn tuen out perfect (we all want that). So I will line and layer them this way.

Hopefully you have some great ideas to go and create your own fun projects!

Feb 9th 2018 Expressions Vinyl - JoAnn

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