Proposal with Vinyl

Proposal with Vinyl

I recently had the honor of helping my little brother propose to his girlfriend. He wanted to have their dog involved in the process and we did some brainstorming together and decided adding words to a dog toy would be the best option.

I found the toy in a local pet shop that was made of polyester, so I knew the heat transfer vinyl would stick well to it.

He told me what he wanted it to say so all I had to do was find the right font for the job.

I was looking for a font that looked like something a boy dog would pick, yes this is what runs through my mind as I design! I went to my favorite website to go through my library. (I'm the type who looks through everything before making the decision)

I decided to go with a font called Habitat for this project.

Next, I made sure to size it to fit the toy.

Anytime you work with heat transfer vinyl you need to mirror the design since you cut on the back.

I then resized the page to fit the strip of glitterheat transfer vinyl I was going to use.

The final step is getting your cut settings set up and luckily there is a preset for glitter heat transfer already. I made sure to do my test cut to double check it worked before wasting any beautiful sparkly material.

Attach the material to the cutting mat using your scraper.

You can see the perfect test cut in the corner, the preset settings worked great for me. Now it’s time to weed the excess material out.

It fits perfectly!

I used a regular iron to attach it using gentle pressure and a piece of parchment paper as a barrier.

The final result!

He managed to surprise her by keeping it simple in our parent's backyard. She thought it was just another visit with the family. The toy lasted about 30 minutes after the dog was able to play with it but the memories it created are priceless. I'm glad I took looks of pictures! Next up will be fun wedding projects!!!

Aug 17th 2017 Expressions Vinyl

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