Turn your art into vinyl decals

Turn your art into vinyl decals

Ever wanted to turn your hand drawn doodles into cuttable art? It's easy!

(We are using copper adhesive vinyl in permanent  and transfer tape)

candy jar

To start my designs, I like to use plain white paper and black ink. Using pencils to sketch an idea is fine, but be sure to trace over it in black ink when you're done. The method I use works best with clear black artwork on a plain white background.


Then, take a photo of your work and email it to yourself, or use AirDrop if you know how! Either way, bring your design into Silhouette Studio and size it so that it fits comfortably on your screen.ipad lettering

Alternatively, if you have an iPad or other drawing tablet that you're comfortable with you can use this too! Just use a large canvas with a white background and a black brush to create your design. I love using my iPad Pro and Procreate to create designs for my Etsy shop.

Using the trace panel, draw the selection box around your artwork that you brought in via photo. Your photo should be in a well lit area (think diffused sunlight, so by a window) and well focused. These elements will give you the best trace!

Fiddle around with trace settings if you need to, and when you're finished click "Trace." This is your cut path!

You can delete the photo you took from your canvas in Silhouette Studio, and resize the traced file as needed. For my project, I know my jar is about 2.5" wide so I set up a rectangle that's about that size to place my artwork in. You can also resize your artwork by selecting it and using the scale option by clicking and dragging the corners in or out.

Cut out!

expressions vinyl cooper

Weed away extra vinyl and apply the transfer tape!

weed away vinyl

apply with heat transfer vinyl

I used some copper Oracal 651 from Expressions Vinyl to cut this decal. (Which, for the record, cut beautifully especially at such a small scale! Look at the tiny "R" in the picture below that is smaller than my nail!) I got a glass jar from the Bullseye's Playground area of Target for $3, and voila! A candy jar for halloween-- with custom lettering by yours truly.

weeding small vinyl

transfer tape application

If you love the designs I'm working on here, enjoy this free Silhouette Studio cut file for your own personal candy dish at home! I'd love to see your creations :) Tag me on instagram if you do: my handle is!

Until next time (and happy day-after-Halloween candy clearance shopping!),

Gina of Twinklefarts

Oct 28th 2017 Expressions Vinyl Blogger

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